50 Incredibly Useful Links for Gluten-Free Living

People who find themselves thrust into a gluten-free lifestyle – as with anyone with a specific food allergy or sensitivity – oftentimes feel themselves at an impasse when they receive a diagnosis. But no matter if they are a Celiac, allergic, or simply wanting to eliminate wheat from their diet, they ought not feel too put out. The internet has allowed those on gluten-free diets to network with one another, assisting in the exchange of valuable information such as articles, recipes, and news to make their lives that much easier. Anyone who finds themselves having to stick with a wheatless diet should check the following resources out and learn everything they can about their health conditions and how to live a healthy, happy life within the boundaries set by a medical professional. Please do not take what they say as absolute medical advice, however. Rather, think of them as a resource for a potential condition or solution that should be discussed with a nurse or doctor first.

1. glutenfree.com

A gluten-free diet does not have to mean bland, and glutenfree.com helps those with Celiac disease, food allergies, and other dietary restrictions buy what they need. They also offer up a selection of recipes as well.

2. “Gluten-Free Diet” at Jackson | Siegelbaum Gastroenterology

This incredibly handy resource – which leans more towards those on a gluten-free diet because of Celiac disease – outlines the biology of wheat products and what foodstuffs may result in a negative reaction.

3. Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program

Finding a restaurant with gluten-free options can prove extremely frustrating and challenging, but fortunately this resource exists to help those with strict diets know where they can and cannot eat in their areas.

4. Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

Anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance would do well to drop by this comprehensive resource on pretty much anything and everything about living a healthy life while still sticking with staunch dietary restrictions.

5. The Gluten-Free Mall

Even visitors who do not want to take advantage of the shop can still benefit from the informative articles on gluten-free dieting and Celiac disease.

6. Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

Stop by the Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef blog for great recipes as well as information, resources, and an intimate glimpse into how the lifestyle sometimes works.

7. Cooking Gluten-Free

No matter the circumstances behind sticking with a gluten-free lifestyle, anyone who must or chooses to do so can benefit from ordering the cookbook and exploring the dining suggestions on the blog.

8. Gling.com

This social networking site allows individuals and families on a strict gluten-free regimen for involuntary or voluntary reasons to connect and share their knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work, what to cook, where to eat, and other useful tips and tricks.

9. Glutenfreeda

As one of – if not the – largest repository of gluten-free recipes online, anyone with wheat allergies, Celiac disease, or other condition requiring such stringent dietary boundaries must bookmark this resource for meal and menu inspiration.

10. Gluten-Free on the go

Though it predominantly targets those with Celiac disease, Gluten-Free on the go still helps anyone in need of a restaurant with suitable meals find exactly where to go.

11. Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Living Magazine covers every aspect of the lifestyle, including cosmetics and other products that many people do not realize contain the allergen.

12. Living Without

Catering to anyone with a food allergy or sensitivity, Living Without Magazine helps the newly diagnosed and the experienced work within their boundaries so that they may eat and live well.

13. A Gluten-Free Guide

Pop by this blog for extremely valuable recipes, travel advice, restaurant tips, and many other elements of living with a gluten-free diet.

14. Please Don’t Pass The Nuts™

A licensed psychotherapeutic social worker suffering from a number of food allergies weighs in on the more emotional aspects of restrictive diets as a means of offering support and comfort to her readers.

15. Aprovechar

Just because one suffers from a gluten allergy, intolerance, or Celiac disease does not mean that they cannot live a full, healthy life and exercise regularly.

16. Book of Yum

Book of Yum provides recipes to those on a gluten-free diet who also wish to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle as well.

17. The Whole Kitchen

Home chefs wanting to whip up their gluten-free meals with whole foods would do well to explore the lovely selection of recipes available on this blog.

18. Celiac Chicks

One does not have to suffer from Celiac to greatly benefit from the gluten-free resources, recipes, restaurant tips, and more featured here.

19. Triumph Dining

Since 2005, Triumph Dining has helped the gluten-free community find recipes and restaurants that cater to their nutritional needs without sacrificing quality.

20. Wheat-Free at Heather Strand

Heather Strand’s site provides recipes not only for those who must stick with gluten-free meals, but dairy-free and low sugar individuals and families as well.

21. Elana’s Pantry

Learn how to create wonderful gluten-free meals at home using the tasty recipes available at Elana’s Pantry.

22. Ginger Lemon Girl

Gluten-free home chefs on a budget should check out Ginger Lemon Girl’s blog for recipes and advice on living well without breaking the bank.

23. Gluten-Free, Celiac, Wheat-Free, and Related News and Blog Updates

Time-crunched individuals wanting to learn all they can about issues pertaining to Celiac, gluten-free diet and living, and wheat allergies and sensitivity should take a quick glance at this aggregator that compiles all the latest relevant stories from around the web.

24. Gluten A Go Go

Gluten A Go Go is another great reference for anyone wanting some great recipes suitable for their wheatless lives.

25. Gluten Free Anna

Follow along with Gluten Free Anna for the latest news and information on the lifestyle as well as some nifty and valuable recipes.

26. Gluten Free Blog

Though most of Gluten Free Blog’s content revolves around recipes, it does frequently feature news and health features to ensure their readers live as happily and comfortably as possible.

27. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

A family with gluten-sensitive children and two nutritionist parents blogs about their favorite recipes, the latest relevant news, and living life without wheat products.

28. Gluten-Free Bay

Having to cut gluten out of a diet does not compromise kosher standards, as this very helpful blog points out with its recipes and resources.

29. Gluten Free For Good

Gluten-free individuals and families in need of great recipes perfect for any palate and preference should take advantage of this blog’s massive index of meals.

30. sure foods living

No matter one’s reasoning for sticking with a gluten-free diet, Alison St. Sure has plenty to offer when it comes to practical and useful advice as well as all the latest developments that affect the community.

31. Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried

Making the adjustment to a gluten-free diet takes plenty of getting used to, but fortunately Naomi Devlin is on hand to encourage others in her situation with recipes, spirited advice, and other valuable affirmations and motivations.

32. Gluten-Free Fun

This enjoyable, general gluten-free blog helps boost spirits and guts alike with its open discussions about the lifestyle, restaurants with wheatless dishes, recipes, and more.

33. Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes

Learn all the ins and outs of what constitutes a healthy gluten-free diet, including recipes, a primer on making the transition, and information on maintaining a happy life without wheat.

34. I Am Gluten Free

Stop by I Am Gluten Free for recipes, videos, cookbook reviews, and other information pertaining to diets and lifestyles that cut the wheat without sacrificing flavor and functionality.

35. gluten free easily

This gluten-free lifestyle blog covers everything from where to dine out to support groups to recipes for the home chef – and all that lay between.

36. Gluten-Free Doctor Recipes

Dr. Jean Layton shares not only her food musings and recipes, but the health and medical aspect of gluten-free living as well.

37. Gluten Free Gobsmacked

Read up on some excellent recipes, learn about useful flour blends, and take a peek into the gluten-free lifestyle with this useful blog.

38. Six Food Intolerance Living

A gluten allergy or sensitivity can sometimes come saddled with others involving food as well. Learn how one woman copes by continuously experimenting with recipes.

39. free from (gluten)

Everything the gluten-free needs to know about travel, exercise, eating at restaurants and at home, and more gets covered at the very useful free from (gluten).

40. Absolutely Not Martha

This general lifestyle blog does feature a lot of content unrelated to the gluten-free diet and the health issues that require it, but there are enough discussions on the subject to warrant inclusion.

41. Gluten Free is Life

Hit up Gluten Free is Life for the latest news and developments regarding products and research, recipes, and even a form letter parents can use to convey a child’s wheat allergy or intolerance to his or her teachers.

42. Gluten Free Mom

Learn pretty much anything there is to know about raising children with wheat or gluten sensitivities or allergies, including the requisite recipes, travel tips, and advice for every day.

43. Gluten Free Food Reviews

Some gluten-free foods and ingredients come saddled with a hefty price tag, so this consumer-centric blog eliminates some of the guesswork by trying and reviewing some of what is available.

44. Delightfully Gluten Free

Delightfully Gluten Free discusses the ins and outs of the dietary restriction, accompanied by recipes and activism and awareness projects as well.

45. Hold the Gluten

Anyone suffering from Celiac disease should especially pay attention to Hold the Gluten, as it tends to approach the topic of wheatless living from that particular perspective.

46. Simply…Gluten Free

Carol Kicinski blogs about almost every facet of the gluten-free lifestyle, though she does focus mainly on sharing her delicious and diverse recipes.

47. The GFCF Experience

The recipes and articles featured at The GFCF Experience center around life without gluten and casein, especially as it related to children.

48. Gluten Free Steve

The savvy gluten-free consumer would do well to keep track of the news products that either hurt or help them using Gluten Free Steve as a resource – there is even a cathartic page especially for people to post their rants about life with Celiac disease or wheat intolerance.

49. No Gluten, No Problem

Because gluten and wheat aversions do impact other areas of life beyond dietary intake, it pays to read articles about travel (and more!) in addition to the usual recipes.

50. Gluten Free Registry™

Restaurants all across the world register with this extremely useful online tool in order to let the gluten-free know where to dine without worry.

Hopefully, those suffering from Celiac disease or an allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity to gluten will find something to help them live healthy, active, and satisfying lives free of wheat and wheat products. The initial diagnosis and realization that daily dietary intake needs a complete overhaul comes as a shock at first, but fortunately the experiences and advice of others is available to help provide a comforting cushion. Take advantage of what they have to say in order to maximize contentment while minimizing inconvenience.