50 Best Vegan Lifestyle Blogs

If your food pyramid consists of meat and dairy in addition to veggies and grains, it may be time to rethink that. With the food revolution reaching new heights, more and more studies are being released on the benefits of a plant based diet. If you’ve read enough and are convinced, or just looking for tips on how to maximize your vegan lifestyle, there is help.

We have gathered the 50 best vegan lifestyle blogs. They can help you make the transition, give you thousands of recipes, show you how to grow your own garden, and even give you something to round out your iPod.

Best Going Vegan Lifestyle Blogs

If you need a little help getting started in your quest to go vegan, check out these blogs.

    urbanvegannet-11. Oprah’s 21 Day Vegan Challenge : Well known for her beef with big meat, Oprah challenged her viewers to a 21 day vegan cleanse. True to its name, the challenge includes 21 podcasts on everything from an introduction to cookbooks, liquids, natural foods, and much more. There is even a top 10 vegan books list.

    2. Choose Veg Blog : This blogger is a Certified Wellness Consultant who educates people on the benefits of a plant based diets. You can read the most recent entry, learn reasons why to go vegan, and even get tips for making the switch. Click Learn More to get information on vegan books, videos, and merchandise.

    3. Engine 2 Diet : Rip Essesltyn is a firefighter and one of the last people you would expect to promote a plant based diet. But that is just what he has done with this diet. You can learn more about the science, get tools, recipes, and even The Daily Beef.

    4. Pledge to be Veg : This challenge is extended by the folks at PETA. Sign the pledge to follow a vegan diet, and they send you an e-mail with their top tips on the best places to eat out, favorite recipes, the tastiest animal-friendly snacks, and the most delicious prepackaged vegan meals. There are also other numerous resources for vegans.

    5. 43 Things : This social site is for those who want to change something substantial in their lives: lose weight, write a book, go vegan, etc. A standout feature is the ability to connect with those who are trying to do this, along with those who have done it. You can also find related challenges.

    6. Thrive in 30 : Brendan Brazier is a professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author. In this program, you sing up for 30 days of instructive emails. They show you how to combat stress with plant based foods, get the truth about nutrition, alkalize your body, learn superfoods, and more.

    7. 21 Day Vegan Challenge : Follow the adventures of this blogger who takes on the task of the vegan challenge. Rules, recipes, and more are stated. You can also get many interesting recipes.

    8. Spawn Better : Need help getting the kids to go vegan? Then check out this blog just for vegan parents. It is full of tips on every aspect of parenting. A recent entry showed how to find a vegan friendly doctor.

    9. Going Vegan : This video series is from Planet Verge and is available to view completely for free on YouTube. Several episodes keep you from consuming any animal products for one month. Be sure to click on the channel for much more.

Best Vegan Lifestyle Blogs

These blogs focus on everything from food, news, politics, and beyond for vegans.

    10. Vegsource : A community of bloggers from chefs to medical professionals discuss the vegetable lifestyle. You can choose your favorite, or read more on food, health, animals, lifestyle, and more. Be sure not to miss the YouTube channel with much more.

    11. Vegan.com : With the occasional several posts a day, this blog is all about the vegan lifestyle. Choose from subjects such as information, recipes, or meet other vegans online. Posts are often on news and reviews in the vegan world.

    12. The Kind Life : You may remember Alicia Silverstone from television or films like “Clueless.” However, she has found a new calling by going vegan and showing people how to live their healthiest life to the fullest. Topics on her blog include health, house, style, environment, and even a forum.

    13. Go Veg : They offer a free vegetarian starter kit with a simple visit. You can also get a Vegetarian 101 section, recipes, and videos. With loads of resources and features, make time for this site.

    14. Veg News : Get the latest news just for vegans on this blog. Topics include food, planet, travel, and buzz. You can also see what they’re cooking, check out the classifieds, or read one of three other blogs.

    15. Vegan Soapbox : A host of blog entries greet you on the homepage. It is designed to discuss various vegan news, views, and stews as well as to expand veganism theories. Popular posts include heated debates, pets for vegans, and do plants feel pain.

    16. The Vegan Bus : This blog is designed as a vehicle of transformation. The bloggers actually have a bus that runs on waste vegetable oil. They use art, performance, and media to increase public awareness.

    17. Vegan Bits : Get philosophies and thoughts on what it means to be a vegan today, as well as nutritional information specifically for vegans. Lane and Jane are a married couple from California who have been featured on Fox, Reuters, and “USA Today.” A recent entry discussed the different alternatives to traditional milk and even how to make your own.

    18. Disease Proof : Okay, but how do doctors feel about going vegan? Dr. Joel Fuhrman hosts this blog and shows you why a plant based diet can be a wonderful thing. Categories include a range of diseases from ADHD to weight loss.

Best Vegan Lifestyle Cooking Blogs

Because the vegan lifestyle is all about meal time, check out the below blogs.

    happyherbivorecom-119. Happy Herbivore : Lindsay focuses her blog on creating healthy vegan food that tastes like real food. Recent entries include black bean brownies, vegan eggnog, and she crab soup. You can also purchase her popular ecookbooks for only $5 each.

    20. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen : Susan V creates delicious dishes made with whole foods and without a lot of processed fat and sugar. Check out her recipe index to be instantly connected with loads of tasty vegan dishes. Current faves include sweet potato falafel, skillet gardener’s pie, and easy mac and cheese.

    21. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking : Want to go vegan but afraid it’s too much work? Then stop here to get a blog for easy vegan cooking. Andrea also brings you reviews and restaurants in addition to recipes.

    22. Compassionate Cooks : Cooking videos are a highlight of this blog. A recent one showed how to make vegan quesadillas and tuna salad. You can also find classes, writings, podcasts, and more.

    23. Post Punk Kitchen : A team of vegan enthusiasts team together to bring you this blog. The home page is full of stuff to keep you occupied. You can also view shows or check out their merchandise.

    24. Vegan Yum Yum : This blogger was featured on Martha Stewart and shares her recipe for the cupcakes that won the host over. You can also choose from recipes on everything from appetizers to test kitchen. There is even an iPhone app.

    25. Urban Vegan : UV is a blogger from Philadelphia who has a cookbook of the same name. Recipes include everything from the traditional, such as baked potato, to the exotic, like daal.

    26. Vegan Dad : This father has learned to go without the drive thru, deli, or frozen dinners as part of his vegan lifestyle. He keeps the blog as a record of what his family eats and it is usually impressive. If you enjoy this blog, you can also purchase a cookbook of the same name.

    27. Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan : Dreena Burton is a vegan cookbook author and mom to three young kids. In her blog, she shows you how to live a vegan lifestyle to the fullest. Be sure not to miss her expert recipe on vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Best International Vegan Lifestyle Cooking Blogs

Go overseas with these blogs and read more about international vegans.

    inhabitatcom-128. Holy Cow! : Vaishali grew up in India where meat and fish where a regular part of meals. However, a love of animals and food inspired her to go vegan. Check out authentic recipes such as Bombay Pav Bhaji and Navratan Korma with a visit.

    29. The Raw Vegan : Dimitri is from Greece and is a raw food vegan. Posts in both Greek and English show what he recommends. A recent post showed how to make a burger with almond sauce.

    30. The Vegan Diet : Jackie is from South Africa where she blogs on her ideal way of life. It includes low cholesterol, loads of energy, preserving the planet, and being cruelty free. A recent entry showed the value of mung beans. She also has two other blogs on raw foods and herbs.

    31. Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen : She blogs on the vegan lifestyle all the way from Denmark. Her focus is on spicy cooking, curry pastes, sauces, and much more. Although she doesn’t always focus exclusively on vegan, she has taken several challenges in the area.

    32. Vegetarian Food : Jolinda Hackett studied religion, food, and ethics as part of her M.A. She currently cooks from her kitchen in southern Thailand, where she spent time studying holistic nutrition under the guidance of a U.K. certified nutritionist while managing an alternative health center. In this blog for About.com, she discusses the vegetarian lifestyle in greater detail.

    33. Veg Bitch : Apologies for the title, but Emmie is passionate about body image and feminism. From Sweden, she blogs on the vegan lifestyle, gardening, and much more.

    34. The Tropical Vegan : Theresa is your blogger from the land of Australia. She is a graduate student in Aboriginal activism and social movements. Originally from New York, she now blogs on cooking, gardening, and the vegan lifestyle.

Best Vegan Lifestyle Gardening Blogs

To go vegan to the max, have a look at these blogs to show how you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

    35. Garden Rant : Get a blog on how to uproot the gardening world here. A team of gardeners show you how and why to garden while having fun. Categories include everything from bloom day, eat this, real gardens, shut up and dig, taking your gardening dollar, and much more.

    36. You Grow Girl : Gayla’s simple approach to garden blogging has consistently made her a top choice. Must read entries include Gardening 101 and Veggies. She also has sections for exploring and playing.

    37. A Way to Garden : Margaret Roach is your head gardener and shows you horticulture and is a source for both information and inspiration. Read the latest entry or choose by topic on the left. Useful stuff includes books, garden FAQs, and more.

    38. The Occasional Gardener : This blogger believes gardens are part larder, part medicine cabinet, part sanctuary, and part living painting. Moving from a garden in London to an apartment in New York, readers are shown how to manage a garden in a small space. Crafts, projects, and more are discussed.

    39. The Casual Gardener : Shawna Lee Coronado is an author, locally syndicated newspaper columnist, health, and greening expert focused on teaching a green lifestyle. She recently began blogging on eco-blogging gardening. You can also visit her main site with more.

    40. Cold Climate Gardening : If you want to grow a garden in a colder climate, take a look at this blog. Kathy lives in upstate New York and blogs all about gardening in the climate. Choose from mud season, snowdrops, and more.

    41. Gardening : Another blog from About.com, this one is for the growing side of the vegan lifestyle. Recent posts show how and why to repot a plant, tough love, and black walnuts. You can also stop by for the Gardening Question of the Week.

Best Vegan Lifestyle Podcasts

These broadcasts offer tons of help for those going or staying vegan.

    42. Healthy Vegan Cooking Show : Get just what the title promises by clicking here. Heather is studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and shares tons on her show. Dozens of episodes show you how to prepare your very own vegan dishes.

    43. Go Vegan Radio : Bob Linden hosts the planet’s first commercial vegan radio show. Get a schedule of upcoming shows, along with an archive of past ones. You can also get useful articles and even a bumper sticker.

    44. VegTalk : Part of Vegan.com, this podcast discusses all aspects of the lifestyle. Recent episodes contain interviews, issues, and more.

    45. Veg Talk : Not to be confused with the above, this is a radio series provided by the BBC. Hosts Gregg and Charlie discuss recipes, growing techniques, and much more. The main site also has more resources for vegans.

    46. The Vegan’s Here : The Vegan has been living the lifestyle for over 20 years. In this video blog, animal liberation and human rights are discussed. Thousands of subscribers have signed up to listen to mostly political vegan topics.

    47. Vegan Radio : This is a podcast about vegan culture, animal rights, lifestyle, and the relationship to environment. Airing on Thursdays, Megan and Derek broadcast from Northampton, Massachusetts. You can call in your questions or check out their blog.

    48. Vegcast : This twice monthly podcast gives you all the latest in vegan news and issues. With 79 episodes and counting, the podcast covers many topics. Listen to the most recent or choose by topic.

    49. Crimes Against Food : In this show Gloria and Mia take a look at some of the worst things people do to food. Not necessarily a podcast for just vegans, it is still worth a look. A recent episode tackled the horrors of Chinese food gone wrong in the U.K.

    50. Vegan Freak Radio : It’s been a while since the latest episode, but if you are serious about the vegan lifestyle, have a listen. They also offer a book of the same name and Facebook page. Also, the programs themselves feature explicit language.

While there is loads of good advice to be found on the above 50 best vegan lifestyle blogs, be sure to consult a licensed physician before beginning any major diet or lifestyle changes.