50 Best Feng Shui Blogs for a Healthy Home & Office

Chinese for “wind” and “water,” Feng Shui uses concepts from the natural world to incorporate into the man made one. It focuses on understanding the relationship between nature and man to harness it for the better. A fundamental principle of Feng Shui is learning how to live with the environment rather than against it.

Not merely a principle of arranging furniture, Feng Shui can help you do everything from sell a house to design a workplace that is calming and inventive. But a professional Feng Shui consultant can cost hundreds of dollars. Save yourself the hassle of spending and scheduling by checking out the below 50 best Feng Shui blogs for a healthy home and office.

Best General Feng Shui Blogs for a Healthy Home & Office

These blogs are written by Feng Shui experts for anyone with an interest or expertise in it.

    1. Feng Shui : Rodika Tchi is an experienced consultant with a full-time Feng Shui practice, TchiConsulting.com, in Vancouver, BC Canada. She helps her readers learn how their home can support them, help express themselves, and go through changes. This massive blog from About.com has must reads, videos, and so much more.

    2. Sacred Feng Shui : Carol is a Feng Shui consultant who specializes in space clearing, geomancy, astrology, divination, and sick building analysis. You can also follow her on Twitter.

    3. Jon Sandifer : This expert is from the U.K. and packs his blog with free Feng Shui tips. Jon also offers loads more in Eastern wisdom including macrobiotics and face reading. You can even join in on one of his workshops with more.

    4. Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute : Founded by Dr. Shan Tung Hsu in 1990, this institute is located in Seattle. The blog contains many useful tips on how to improve both external and internal energy through Feng Shui. You can also get tips for tea, spirit, and more.

    5. Feng Shui Blog Free Info : No need to hire an expert when Zvezdochka gives free Feng Shui tips on her blog. You can learn everything from how to analyze rooms to astrology. The blog is also available in several languages.

    6. Fast Feng Shui Blog : Although posts are sparse, they date all the way back to 2004. You can start by reading the guidelines and overview, then move on to more complex topics. They also have recommendations on books and other products.

    7. Art of Placement : Another blog with few entries, they can help with both home and office needs. You can also get tips on money, manifestation, self-improvement, and more. They also offer a free Feng Shui quiz.

    8. Feng Shui Place : Stop here for tips, advice, and even information on the five elements of Feng Shui. Popular articles include Chinese astrology and house direction.

Best Feng Shui Sites for a Healthy Home & Office

These sites contain even more on how to utilize Feng Shui in your house or at work.

    readymadecom9. Fast Feng Shui : The site offers to teach you the nine principles of Feng Shui straight from the home page. They also help with clutter clearing and other related topics. Be sure to check out the quick tips for more for the home and office.

    10. World of Feng Shui : WOFS gives you tips for everyday living on the site. Choose from tip of the day, horoscope, and several free calculators. If looking for love there are compatibility readings and good days to wed.

    11. American Feng Shui Institute : Begin with the free Feng Shui seminar on the site. If you enjoy, you can learn more about in person classes. There are also options for learning online.

    12. Feng Shui Network : This international organization seeks to advance global geomancy. Visit to learn more about what they do and how you can join. These also have a featured practitioner and tell you more about them.

    13. Western School of Feng Shui : Located in California, they offer both education and guidance. Click resources to get ideas for shopping and articles written by experts. The community also has loads more including a radio show.

    14. Feng Shui USA : Get resources for this living in the United States here. Find an expert or class in your area. There is also a Dragon Says section with more.

    15. Lucky Feng Shui for Life and Love : Get tips on everything from your professional to your romantic life here. Categories include money, bedroom, and love. You can also learn how to increase your wealth through Feng Shui.

Best Feng Shui Experts for a Healthy Home & Office

These experts have loads of useful information on their sites.

    16. Jami Lin : With over 20 years as a Feng Shui master and interior designer, this site is worth a look. There are loads of articles and even free tips from the master. You can also get info on color alchemy and conscious living.

    17. The Feng Shui Society : If you live in the U.K. and enjoy Feng Shui, this is the site for you. They offer options for homes, businesses, and even gardens. They can also help you find an accredited consultant in your area.

    18. P.K. Odle : She runs The Feng Shui Advantage in California. Sign up for the free monthly e-zine to get more. There are also tips, seminars, and other resources.

    19. Feng Shui Life : Another expert located in the U.K., this site is run by Vicky. She can help with a business and even in buying or selling a home. You can also learn more through courses and seminars.

    20. The Spiritual Feng Shui : Mike Wang is so confident you will enjoy his book, you can download two chapters for free. He is a Feng Shui master and spiritual teacher. There is also an introduction and FAQ section.

    21. Rochel Parker : A quote from Winston Churchill on Feng Shui greets all visitors. Learn more about its relevance and more on the art with a visit. She also has an FAQ with more.

    22. The Spiritual Feng Shui Online Consultation : Skip the costly home consultation charges and go for an online one here. There are loads of tips to read on how to Feng Shui many areas of the home and you can get a tip of the day. You can also learn more about both online and in person consultations.

    23. Four Pillars and Feng Shui Network : Still haven’t found a Feng Shui expert? Then stop here to get a network for practitioners of it and other Eastern arts. The Ning network is free to join and has loads of members.

    24. Healing Arts Network Feng Shui Practitioners : Similar to the above, you can find a Feng Shui expert in England and certain U.S. states. There is also info on classes and seminars.

Best Feng Shui Reading for a Healthy Home & Office

Better than a blog, these publications are written by experts and have tons of information on Feng Shui.

    25. Feng Shui News : No need to subscribe to this online newspaper to learn more about Feng Shui. In addition to readings, there are also tutorials. They also have a blog and directory.

    26. Feng Shui News : Traditional news and information are found here. You can also get reviews on books and products. Be sure not to miss the how to Feng Shui section.

    27. Mastery Journal : This is run by the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia. Entries are few and far between but contain useful information. You can also learn tons more about Feng Shui and related practices.

    28. Feng Shui World : Get a sneak peek at the latest issue with a visit to the website. You can also get previews of features, along with letters from the editor. They are also available in Chinese, Thai, and Spanish.

    29. Modern Living with Feng Shui : Start off your Feng Shui reading with a greeting from the leaders of this magazine. They also have previews of the latest issue. There is also a Feng Shui blog with more.

    30. Feng Shui for Modern Living : Stop here for an online magazine to Feng Shui. There are also recommendations on books, software, and a ton of useful links.

    31. Feng Shui Magazine : This site offers free Feng Shui tips and information. They also offer love tips and a blog discusses more on the law of attraction. Starter tips for those new to Feng Shui are also given.

    32. Qi : Learn more about Qi and how it relates to Feng Shui by checking out the entry on Wikipedia. Taoism, Qigong, and much more are also discussed. Be sure and check out the Further Reading with more.

    33. Enchanted Spirit : Visit here for a virtual online text book on Feng Shui. Choose from chapter, topic, and more. You can also get information on astrology.

    34. Qi Journal : If you’re ready to spend a little to learn more about Feng Shui, check out this journal. It focuses on Chinese medicine, fitness, culture, and language. They also offer a few free options.

Best Feng Shui Tools for a Healthy Home & Office

Use these tools to improve your knowledge of Feng Shui.

    35. Dragon Gate : Get loads of free Feng Shui tools with a visit here. Eight different ones include calculators, fortune cookie, horoscope, and more. The site also has other resources on Feng Shui.

    36. Basic Feng Shui Tools : Get loads of free tools from NW Health. More of a guide, they can show you how to adjust energy and control clutter with Feng Shui in mind. There are also other free health tools available.

    37. Gua Calculator : The Gua Number is essential for you to be able to apply the Eight Mansion School of Feng Shui. There are eight different Gua numbers and these are calculated based on your date of birth. Simply enter it to begin.

    38. Good or Bad Feng Shui : An expert with iVillage offers this free quiz to get the answer to that. Simply answer a few multiple choice questions to get the answer. There are also loads of other resources for home, health, and office.

    39. Feng Shui Quiz : Liu Feng Shui has loads of resources for home and office. This quiz is only nine questions long but can tell you a lot. Be sure to check out the Fact or Fallacy section as well.

    40. Chi Quiz : This life force energy is essential to channeling Feng Shui. Elements such as fire, earth, metal, water, and wood are taken into account. Simply complete the Chi quiz to discover your unique DNA and get a free personality profile.

    41. Free Feng Shui Tools : These are offered by Art of Feng Shui. Choose from personal Kua number, flying stars calculator, dates and time selection, and horoscope. The site also has other related resources.

Best Feng Shui Others for a Healthy Home & Office

Although not technically for Feng Shui, these sites and blogs can offer loads of help for a healthy house and work place.

    42. Green Nest : This company specializes in creating healthy homes. They offer free tips in addition to a wide variety of products. Be sure to check out the Home Detox Green Toolbox.

    43. Feng Shui Decorating Style : Love HGTV but wish they focused more on Feng Shui? Then visit here to get a special page from them on just that. Over 40 features are on kitchens, bathrooms, and much more.

    44. Feng Shui Decorating Tips : Simpler than the above, this site is a short guide on how to decorate your home or office. In addition to tips, you can also get links to shopping information. There is also a section on spiritual audio books.

    45. Metaphysical Musings & Cosmic Commentary : Joey Yap is the founder and Master Trainer at the Mastery Academy of Metaphysics. In his blog, he discusses “Feng Shuilogy.” Read his latest entry or check out the iPhone apps.

    46. Chi of Earth : Anthea Appel is a Feng Shui consultant in New York City who offers loads on it, as well as other related arts. You can check out the art gallery, reading room, and other resources. She also has a podcast.

    47. Skeptic’s Dictionary : Get a dictionary for the alternative words and terms. Choose from categories such as alternative medicine or new age. You can also do a term search, and they offer many other interesting subjects.

    48. Art of the States : Fill you home with relaxing music here. It contains new music from the United States that can be listened to with a click. You can also search by composer, instrumentation, and genre.

    49. Feng Sui Music : Get music specifically for balanced living by stopping here. Sixteen different tracks range from relaxation to Zen garden. Best of all, it is free to listen to on YouTube.

    50. Meditation Feng Shui : If your Feng Shui involves meditation, click here. Another playlist from YouTube offers over 50 videos to help you. Music ranges from ancient Egypt to Kokin Gumi.

Whether looking to arrange a cubicle or start your very own Feng Shui practice, there is loads of help in the above 50 best Feng Shui blogs for a healthy home and office. If you enjoyed reading, why not try starting your very own Feng Shui blog?