50 Best Blogs for All-Natural Beauty

Thanks to a few judgmental bubbleheads, fashion and beauty has received something of a poor reputation as the refuge of the elitist who pay little mind to the unglamorous, ugly oceans of peons that surround them. In reality, it is an exciting and creative field boasting a far more diverse community of designers and consumers than many realize. As these blogs illustrate, there exists scores of manufacturers and creators concerned with providing the people with cosmetics, clothing and accessories that do a great amount of good for the world at large. They neglect harsh chemicals that damage the body and promote an unhealthy planet. They refuse to use sweat shop labor or animal testing. They do a number of different things to show that one can look lovely while simultaneously ensuring the overall health and safety of the peoples and places that make Earth Earth.

1. The Mean Green Beauty Machine

People who love the environment as much as they love their own health should drop by The Mean Green Beauty Machine for advice, product reviews and other tidbits of information relevant to their preferences.

2. Caren’s Blog

Caren shares information on their own eco-friendly beauty products as well as ruminations on relevant topics regarding natural beauty and health.

3. Bella Floria Organics

This company specializes in organic cosmetics meant to keep a body fresh and healthy without compromising environmentally-friendly initiatives.

4. Ecofabulous

Beauty extends beyond the body, and Ecofabulous illustrates how men and women alike can take advantage of both green products and design.

5. Ecorazzi: Fashion

Although this blog covers a wide variety of cultural topics as they relate back to the green movement, their fashion section posts enough relevant gossip to warrant inclusion.

6. Fig + Sage

Fig + Sage boasts not only a very lovely name, but some amazing product reviews, links and information alongside their own organic offerings for home and body.

7. Treehugger: Fashion and Beauty

The Fashion and Beauty section of Treehugger emphasizes all sorts of products and projects that keep the planet as healthy and safe as the bodies that inhabit it.

8. Feel Good Style

Both beauty and fashion can come entirely without guilt, and Feel Good Style showcases products, people and services that provide both in a way that simultaneously cares for various causes – including the environment.

9. Organic Spa Magazine

Many people enjoy indulging in spas to refresh their bodies inside and out, and they do not have to sacrifice their environmentalist philosophies to patronize them!

10. Christy Coleman

Green beauty expert Christy Coleman has plenty of amazing and insightful things to stay about getting lovely without having to harm the planet.

11. the little seed

Learn how to acquire style with substance by reading over the various articles on environmentally-friendly beauty for the home and body alike.

12. Eco Child’s Play

Although a general green parenting site, this Simple Earth Media property posts frequently on relevant beauty and fashion topics suitable for adults and children.

13. The GirlieGirl Army

Focusing on beauty as it extends into lifestyle aesthetics, The GirlieGirl Army features some great posts on gorgeous fashions, designs and beauty products.

14. Eco-Chick

As the nomenclature implies, Eco-Chick illustrates how glamorous men and women can stay fabulous without negatively impacting the environment.

15. Ecouturre

High fashion meets green initiatives, illustrating how the latter will remain a permanent element of the former rather than an easily dismissed trend.

16. femme vitale at EcoSalon

Like many general eco-friendly websites, EcoSalon also plays host to a blog dedicated exclusively to the needs of their followers with a love of fashion and beauty.

17. eco fashion world

Read the amazing blogs at eco fashion world for great advice on staying glamorous and green at the same time.

18. Ethical Fashion Forum

The Ethical Fashion Forum showcases clothing, accessories and beauty products with particular mind paid to social and environmental justice.

19. Organic Beauty View

Visit the truly lovely Organic Beauty View for all the latest news, reviews and trends from within the eco-friendly beauty and fashion industry.

20. Natural Organic Beauty at The Gin Lady

Several sections of The Gin Lady are dedicated to promoting fashion and beauty products that celebrate the environment and help users look and feel their best.

21. The Chic Ecologist

Fashionistas who care about products manufactured within environmentally-friendly or ethical guidelines would do well to bookmark The Chic Ecologist for all the latest news and views.

22. Commerce with a Conscience

Brad Bennett shares current movements within the eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion community, paying close mind to affordability and aesthetics.

23. Kimberly Snyder’s Health and Beauty Blog

Clinical nutritionist Kimberly Snyder takes a holistic approach to her craft, blogging about foods and beauty products that nurture both people and places.

24. Focus Organics

This general blog assists consumers in picking out the organic products that meet their particular needs, and – of course – health, beauty and fashion all factor into the equation!

25. Green by Design

An excellent resource for glamorous greenies, this blog celebrates sustainable, eco-friendly fashions and lifestyles and DIY sensibilities.

26. Ecco*Eco

Sexy and stylish meet sustainable at the very lush, very fabulous Ecco*Eco, who revel in the eclectic fashions and designers behind the movement.

27. Haute Vert Couture: Eco Fashion

Indulge in some of the most luxurious fashions available and learn more about how designers have been using green initiatives in their clothing and accessories.

28. Green Your Decor

Beauty and fashion are not relegated solely to the body, and Green Your Decor dishes out some great advice and product reviews on how to set up a hip home without compromising any eco-friendly guidelines.

29. The EcoDiva

When searching for environmentally-conscious products for home and body, be sure to pay The EcoDiva a visit for some fabulous finds and stylish suggestions.

30. Fashion at Haute Nature

Catch up with the very latest fashions that conform to the right kind of standards – those that boast both style as well as substance.

31. Vegan Beauty Review

Vegans do not have to be left out of the beauty and fashion loop by any stretch of the imagination, as this excellent blog demonstrates.

32. orGLAMic

Learn how to live a lush lifestyle that simultaneously keeps body and planet happy and healthy with orGLAMic’s product reviews and trend reports.

33. Magnifeco

Discover the latest and greatest fashion and beauty products that nurture the planet and make a body fabulous at the same time.

34. Seed & Sew

Read up on how designers have come to interpret the very latest clothing and beauty fashions using sustainable, Earth-friendly materials.

35. Beauty Blog at Gorgeously Green

Gorgeously Green discusses some of the best available beauty products of interest to those concerned about environmental issues.

36. Scent Hive

Bookmark this fabulous blog for in-depth reviews of the latest natural beauty products, with particular mind paid towards perfumes, colognes and other scents.

37. The Green Beauty Guide

Search The Green Beauty Guide for anything and everything related to taking care of one’s health and aesthetics – including some lovely treats for the DIY crowd!

38. Chic & Green Daily

Eco-friendly beauty expert Karley Ziegler Mott dishes all the latest news and views from across the green fashion and cosmetics industry.

39. The Nature of Beauty

Both a blog and an online radio show, The Nature of Beauty dissects how people can keep themselves looking sharp without having to damage the planet along the way.

40. Glamology

Touting that “green is the new pink,” Charmaine Leah stands on the cutting edge of environmentally-friendly beauty and enjoys sharing her findings with readers.

41. Posh Swaps

If purchasing eco-friendly clothing does not fit a budget, consider participating in a swap – a very green, independent way to show support for the environment!

42. Paige Padgett

This blogger specializes in creating gorgeous makeup styles suitable for the green glamazons of the world.

43. Refashionoso

Targeting the DIY crowd, Refashionoso proves that one can adhere to environmental initiatives while looking amazing and not spending obscene amounts of money.

44. Clean Green Beauty

Drop by Julia Brandon’s blog for product discussions regarding exciting cosmetics that mix fashion and environmentalism.

45. Toxic Beauty Blog

Browse the ironically-titled Toxic Beauty Blog for excellent articles, deals and reviews regarding the hippest new organic cosmetics and trends in the ecologically-minded fashion and beauty industries.

46. Viva Woman

This comprehensive health, beauty and fashion blog peers into the subjects with a particular interest in green initiatives and Asian cultures.

47. Afrobella

Not everything at the Afrobella site revolves entirely around organic products, but it certainly embraces them while simultaneously empowering people to embrace their natural beauty.

48. The Natural Beauty Blog

Read all about how to whip up some natural home skincare poultices in addition to discussions regarding the titular company’s products as well.

49. The Body Shop Blog

The Body Shop sells ethical products without harsh chemicals, and blogs about their latest offerings in addition to advice on staying beautiful without doing wrong by the planet and its inhabitants.

50. Green My Style

Men and women of all types with an interest in looking fabulous within the parameters set by the green movement will absolutely love this comprehensive, stylish and sexy blog.

It is entirely possible to merge substance with style, as these fantastic beauty and fashion blogs prove beyond a sliver of doubt. One never needs to compromise looking fabulous without worrying about whether or not doing so will cause harm to the environment or society at large.