25 Cheap Holiday Date Ideas

The new year season is the perfect time to get to know someone better. With that in mind, we are aware of the fact that it’s not always easy to come up with a lot of cash to impress your date especially following Christmas in this economy. Luckily, in today’s world, there are still some romantic, simple, and traditional things to do during the holidays that are of little or no cost and only require some minor ingenuity on your part. Here are our top 25 favorite cheap date ideas for the holiday season.


    1. Take a Christmas light tour. – Take your date out to look at Christmas lights around your area. Your local radio or news station might even know some local neighborhoods that are known for their display of lights. This is a great way to get to know one another since you will be in the car for a while.

    2. Search for colorful fall leaves. – Take a sack and gather beautiful fall leaves. Make sure to pick out a variety of fall colors. Go back home and make collages, centerpieces, and other fall or winter crafts ideas you can find online.

    holidaydates213. Make your own stockings. – Go to your local craft store and get some holiday fabric on sale. Use old buttons and other household items to create your own unique stockings. When you’re done, hang them in a special place where you can fill each other’s stockings and exchange them.

    4. Volunteer. – Giving back through volunteering is a good way to spend some quality time together. Feel the holiday spirit by helping at a soup kitchen for the homeless, a children’s ward at the hospital, or another one of your favorite local charities.

    holidaydates315. Take them ice-skating. – Based on the climate you live in, go to an indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink. It’s the best reason to touch the other person. Between holding hand to keep yourselves up or actually falling on top of one another, you guys will definitely feel the connection.

    6. Have a Christmas movie marathon. – Light a fire (if possible), and cuddle up on the couch for a night of Christmas movies of the past and present. A lot of these movies can be borrowed from your local library so you won’t have to pay any rental costs.

    holidaydates47. Pamper yourselves with holiday scents. – If you’re in the romantic mood, treat your date to a full body massage or a warm bubble bath. Use candles and/or massage oils with scents of the holidays such as mint, cinnamon, vanilla, and spice.

    8. Get out the pots and pans and cook a holiday dinner for two. – Learn about each other’s favorite food and cook them both. Whether the outcome is a tasty meal or ordering take out, you’re bound to have a good time in the process.

    holidaydates79. Go Christmas shopping together. – Although to you this might sound like a disaster it can actually be quite fun. Shopping with your sweetheart can make the whole encounter a lot less stressful. It helps to have a second opinion when choosing gifts for friends and family and you might get an idea for what to buy each other.

    10. Wrap presents together. – This is yet another wonderful free Christmas date idea. Load up everything you need and put it in a big pile on the floor. Wrap gifts as you talk and reminisce about family Christmas memories.

    11. Build it together. – Ask your date to help you put your little sisters doll house together or your nephew’s basketball hoop. Hopefully they will be happy you included them, even when they see that there are over a thousand pieces and no directions.

    12. Go sledding on the first snow fall. – Find a tall spot on a hill as the starting point. If you don’t have a sleigh use garbage can lids or whatever you see around the house. You can even wear a bike helmet if you really want a good laugh. After it’s over, go home and crack up over your sledding stories.

    holidaydates613. Take a trip to the Christmas tree farm. – If you don’t have your Christmas tree up yet then take your date for a ride to the local Christmas tree farm. You can have fun picking out that special tree together.

    14. Take him for a ride in his dream car. – This one is for the ladies. Ask your date what his favorite car is and head over to the dealership. Let him test drive the most expensive car there as long as they let you go outside of the parking lot. It’s a cheap date and he will love it.

    15. Go see a holiday play or musical. – If you’re wondering how this could possibly be a cheap date then here’s the answer. A lot of plays will offer tickets for sale to dress rehearsals. The price is a lot less and you still get the theatre experience. You might even have a whole row of seats to yourself.

    16. Take a trip to the museum. – Almost every museum has a day at least once a week where you can get free admission or for a very small donation. Pick some of the seasonal exhibits you would each like to see and map your journey.

    ultimatemusemholidaydining_ev117. Have a picnic inside. – If the weather is keeping you from having a nice dinner outside, then bring it inside. Grab a blanket and some wine glasses and have your very own picnic right there on the floor. You can even play some holiday favorites and best of all it’s ant free.

    18. Take them to your Christmas party. – If you’re company allows you to bring a date, then by all means do it! Most companies pay for the dinner and maybe even drinks so you and your date can have a great time and enjoy the holiday season for free.

    19. Get a good work out. – Many gyms will let you obtain a free pass for the day and sometimes even the week. Take advantage of the sauna if they have one. This is also a great way to work off some of those pounds you been gaining from all the holiday cooking you’ve been eating.

    20. Go caroling! – Get some friends or other couples together and go caroling in your neighborhood. Invite your date back home for some hot apple cider and coffee cake.

    holidaydates1021. Decorate a Gingerbread House. – You could try one of those pre-made kits but baking your own would be much more fun and a lot cheaper. Have fun and enjoy eating the candy as you decorate the house.

    22. Watch the sunrise or sunset. – Your local newspaper has a time table of this daily occurrence, you can even make some hot tea or cocoa and some cinnamon rolls or muffins.

    holidaydates9323. Go to church together. – Whatever your denomination, it’s always nice to take time out and reflect on the things you are grateful for during the holiday season. If you practice different beliefs, talk about them and learn from each other. It’s an excellent way to connect spiritually.

    holidaydates524. Bake some Christmas cookies. – Choose a couple of different varieties and spend a while in the warm kitchen baking together. When you’re done, enjoy your results together or make up some tins for gifts.

    25. Attend a festival. – Most states offer some kind of seasonal festivals. Most of them have free or small admission prices. Pack a lunch or some snacks so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on food.

While trying to plan for your perfect date, keep in mind that the holiday season is about family, friends, and spending time with loved ones, not about how much money you spent. Your date will probably be very impressed by the thought and creativity that you put into it.