101 Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

Graduation of nursing school, obtaining a degree, and getting a job can seem like the hard part, but all of that changes on your first day of nursing. Before becoming overwhelmed, learn and predict what is bound to happen during your career as a nurse. With the help of the below 101 blog posts every new nurse should read, you can get a leg up on patient interactions, medicine, drugs, and more.

Nursing Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

Written by nurses and/or for nurses these blog posts deal with everything a new nurse needs to know.

    1. Top Tips For Dealing With Your Patient’s Family : As many healthcare professionals know, the families of a patient can be far more difficult than the patient themselves. Get useful, practical advice for new nurses on this subject from this nursing blogger. They include what information to share, visiting hours, staying positive, and more.

    2. Saved Yet Again : Just when this nurse had had it with patients and was ready to quit, a new one swooped in and reminded her why she got into nursing. Graphic language and humor follow.

    3. Sometimes You Cry : In this touching post, an experienced nurse recounts an experience with a relatively new nurse and the loss of a patient. An excellent read for what to do and expect.

    4. The Nurse As Sisyphus : Get a true life account of what being a nurse is actually like. The blog post is based on the myth of Sisyphus, who had to constantly roll a boulder up and down a hill.

    5. Jean Watson’s Theory : The blogger at Evidence Based Nursing takes an in depth look at this theory on caring. A good blog post for new nurses who want to connect with their patients.

    6.Learning From Pain : This blog post is an interesting choice for new nurses in that it deals with the subject of pain from both a patient’s and nurse’s point of view. A useful read to see the dark side of chronic pain.

    7. 15 Must Have Resources for Healthcare Providers : New nurses can feel pressure to buy many textbooks for easy and quick references to various medical conditions. Instead, try utilizing these resources from NP News and Views that are just a click away.

    8. next : In this blog post, an oncology nurse discusses an enlightening interaction with a terminal cancer patient. A good read for what to expect as a new nurse.

    9. news : The same oncology nurse discusses how to both give and receive bad news to patients. Also a good read for getting the patient’s point of view.

    10. Auntie Jo’s Rules for Decent Behavior : This nurse blogger gives etiquette rules useful for both inside the hospital and out. They deal with hygiene, what to ask, violence, and more.

    11. Nursing Novellas : Two of the most pressing issues facing nurses today are weighed in on by a nurse. Grief and lateral violence are discussed, along with recommendations on how to deal with them.

Video Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should See

These blog posts are an excellent choice for new nurses who want to see what life as a nurse is like.

    12. Pink Glove Boogie : If you are a nurse who works with breast cancer patients, check this video out. A group of nurses cleverly dance to raise awareness and gain a few laughs.

    13. Nurses and Law School : This blogger is a lawyer who specializes in nursing issues. In this post, she references a series of YouTube videos and why new nurses should watch them.

    14. E-Trade Baby Nurse Practitioner Videos : We’ve all seen the E-Trade Baby promote his product. However, in these videos, they are reworked in a hilarious manner to promote NP’s.

    15. Obama On Nurses : In this eight minute video, President Obama recounts his experiences with nurses. He also goes on to promote his plan for healthcare.

    16. Avoiding Hospital Acquired Infections : As a nurse, you are more likely to contract or spread illnesses in your new career. Read this blog post to see what the most useful way to combat this is.

    17. Drug Seekers and Seizure Fakers, Oh My! : Get an inside scoop as to the common signs of drug seekers looking to make a score in the ER. This three minute robotized video is good for a laugh.

    18. Awesome Video Explaining ABG Analysis : This short video is on a lecture for nurses interested in ABG analysis. Six steps are given and analyzed.

    19. How Effective is a Single Dose of H1N1 Vaccine? : In this short video, many common questions concerning the Swine Flu. The video examines the immune response of adults who received different doses of the vaccine.

    20. What Daniel Pink Teaches us About Medicine : He gives a motivational talk for the popular site, TED. The blogger relates how it is important to medicine.

Blog Posts on Blogging Every New Nurse Should Read

If blogging is part of your journey as a new nurse, use these resources to help.

    21. Why a Registered Nurse is Interested in Social Media : Phil Baumann uses his blog to educate healthcare professionals on the social media. He includes how nurses can take advantage of many types of technologies, including Twitter and the like.

    22. What Can Nursing Students Blog About? : An Intensive Care nurse gives nurses who are still students tips on what to blog about. A frightening story on the negative consequences of blogging is also told.

    23. How to Blog : If you are just beginning to blog, check out this guide from Master New Media. It contains all the basics of blogging.

    24. How To Blog Safely : Once you publish a blog post, it is very likely to live on the internet forever. Make sure you are blogging safely and inoffensively with the help of this blog post.

    25. 140 Healthcare uses for Twitter : In another post by Phil Baumann, he shows how healthcare professionals can utilize Twitter. Many of the uses involve all aspects of healthcare, but nurses can still find useful information.

    26. Let Your Blog Have One Purpose : Should you blog about nursing, your personal life, favorite show, or all? This blogging expert answers that question for best blogging results.

    27. Choosing the Right Type of Blog Hosting : In a world of many blogs and many blog hosts, how do you know which is right for you? This blogger analyzes many popular ones including Vox, Squarespace, and others.

    28. WordPress or Blogger? : These are two of the more popular, free blog hosting sites. See which one is right for you by checking out this blog post.

    29. How To Name Your Blog : Wordful.com wonders what makes a great blog name in this post. There are also two other related posts on name types and a naming tutorial.

    30. What Not To Name Your Blog : Still confused over a name? Then check out this blog post by Slate to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as these bloggers.

Blog Posts Every New Nurse Seeking a Job Should Read

Because you’re not officially a nurse until you find a job, get help with these blog posts.

    31. What is Your Nursing Specialty? : Stop here to take a short quiz on what your nursing specialty should be. Not a reliable means of choosing a specialty, but good for some fun.

    32. Nurse Practitioner Interview From Me For A Nursing Student : A student writes into her favorite NP blogger for a virtual interview. See what an NP does and what they expect from their staff.

    33. Travel Nursing : Get the scoop on this new career by checking out this blog post. It is written by a nurse who knows of what she speaks.

    34. NP Job Search Blues : A newly minted nurse practitioner shares her job hunt with you. A standout for both tips given and what to expect.

    35. Having Trouble Finding Employment With a State Nursing Board? : Nurses looking to work in government should stop here first to learn what to expect. There are also tips for contracts, orders, and agreements.

    36. Public Hospitals Are The Unsung Jewels : If you are thinking of taking your new nursing career to a public hospital, check out this post from popular blogger, Kevin MD. It is a true life account of someone who already works there.

    37. Health 2009: A Year in Review : If your job interviewer asks if you are up to speed on current health topics, read this article to know the answer. Everything from the shocking death of Natasha Richardson to Octomom is discussed.

    38. Desirable Attributes in Healthcare Professionals : Dr. Mike Magee looks at what truly makes a great doctor or nurse. Links and feedback are added and encouraged.

    39. Best Preparation Tips for Interviews : Although not nurse specific, this blog can help a great deal on how to nail your next job interview. What to bring, wear, ask, and answer are discussed. There are also many other interview resources.

    40. To Live and Die in L.A. : This nurse recounts why they quit their job and what to expect. Watch out for explicit language and a grim view of nursing.

Blog Posts on Hot Topics Every New Nurse Should Read

Because healthcare and all related aspects are full of politics and opinions, read the below as a starting point for forming your own opinions and views.

    41. Today’s Opinions and Editorials : This nursing blog gathered some recent entries across the blogosphere on healthcare and features them in one spot. Get entries from nurses, Catholic Bishops, and others.

    42. First Do No Harm: These are the words that begin the oath doctors must take to practice medicine. An OB/GYN weighs in on the issue with true life cases as examples.

    43. Response to The New House Healthcare Bill : With the Healthcare Bill at the center of many headlines, get the opinion of a nurse practitioner by reading this blog entry. Useful in that it refers and responds to specific parts of the bill.

    44. An Open Letter to Barack Obama and John McCain : Although we all know how the election turned out, the healthcare plan laid out by this doctor is still relevant today. Criticism of past plans are also given.

    45. Physician Assisted Suicide : This nurse blogger constantly deals with end of life patients. In this popular blog post, she recounts a presentation on the subject, including the laws regarding it.

    46. Don’t Tell My Child She’s Dying : Because different cultures and families handle death differently, read this blog post to see how new nurses can adapt. True life stories are actually featured.

    47. A Mayo Clinic Outpost Won’t Take Medicare : Wonder how the cuts in Medicare might effect you? Then read this blog post to find out where and why.

    48. Independence At Home Act : This NP wrote a letter to John Kerry stating her stance on this act. Read more about it, along with his response.

    49. Merry Christmas to Blue Cross and Pfizer : See who this nurse thinks is benefitting from the new healthcare bill and who isn’t. Suggestions are also given.

    50. Politics and Mammograms : How can politics effect cancer screenings? Read this article by a popular ranting blogger to find out.

Blog Posts on Medicine Every New Nurse Should Read

Go beyond textbooks to view real life medical issues from someone who has been there.

    51. Sometimes ER Docs Are Heroes : When a group of patients enter the ER, this nurse makes a common mistake: forms an instant opinion. See what actually happened and why the doctor was a hero in this blog post.

    52. Internist Versus Primary Care : See what the difference between the two is with this blog post from The Happy Hospitalist. Various opinions from different healthcare professionals are given.

    53. What Part of Heart Attack Don’t You Understand? : Learn the common warning signs of a heart attack by reading this blog post. Also useful if you have a patient who doesn’t understand how serious the situation is.

    54. The Flu is Here : The same NP as above tells you what to expect with the flu. Common symptoms and caseloads are featured.

    55. Last 24 Hours : Sooner or later, every nurse will face death. This illustration and blog post show what to expect during a patient’s last 24 hours of life.

    56. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity : Because so many diseases and conditions can be caused by reactions, this nursing blogger delves into the topic. Both as a patient and caregiver.

    57. Pole Position : As a new nurse, doing common procedures can be scary. Learn how to defeat that fear and have a laugh with this blog about how strippers can help nurses.

    58. Swine Flu? H1N1? What’s In A Name? : With the swine flu a hot topic, new nurses can learn more by visiting here. “The Wall Street Journal” tells about the origins of the flu in this blog entry.

    59. If It Looks Like A Duck : In this harrowing recount, a Canadian nurse tells the tale of a difficult patient. Tips are given on what to do, what not to do, and the likely cause of the negative behavior.

    60. Please Stop… : This nurse relives the tale of a mystery patient who surprised the entire team with the words in the title. A good look at what patients can actually feel.

Inspirational Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

If the above has got you down, try the below blogs posts to give new nurses a boost.

    61. Gratitude : One of those little things that can keep a new nurse or any health professional going is a “thank you.” See how important they can be, even when they’re not earned in this brief blog post.

    62. Lifesaver : Read the story about a patient with severe health problems and how she survived to thank the nursing staff. Bonus points for the double meaning in the title.

    63. A Birth Story From Budapest : If you plan to work in delivery or are pregnant yourself, give this blog post a read. It deals with a difficult birth in a difficult environment and how two women overcame it.

    64. Dr. Kehr : Think all doctors don’t respect nurses? Then read this story of this oncologist who became a CNA for the experience and education.

    65. Sick of Pink : Get pumped up in your fight against breast cancer by reading this poem. A daughter uses poetry and graphic language to describe her mother’s battle with the disease.

    66. 365 Days of Discharge : The Happy Hospitalist revisits a common problem for medical professionals: smoking. See how this long time smoker is treated and expected to progress.

    67. From A to DD : Read the story of an elderly woman who had to undergo an overwhelming amount of procedures, including several chest tubes. The title should give you a clue as to where this is going.

    68. Quit Worrying About Your Health : If you or your patients worry too much about your health, check out this entry from Well Blog. It lest you know that no one lives forever and it is okay every once in a while to do something “bad.”

    69. Large Clamp Please : If you are a new nurse, your new co-workers may find ways to have fun at your expense. Read this blog post to see how to get them first.

    70. Naked Side Effects of Ambien : See how too little sleep and too many romance novels ended in one of the funniest ER stories on the web by reading this blog post.

Drug Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

With drugs becoming more and more of a standard treatment, learn more with the help of these blog posts.

    71. Vitamin D – The New Wonder Drug? : With many studies and experts weighing in on this vitamin? See for yourself if it is worth the hype with the help of this nursing blog.

    72. Why Are We So Quick To Take Drugs? : This nurse dives into the topics of what patients expect of drugs and how to deal with it. Also useful for a laugh.

    73. The Little Blue Pill Goes Haywire : Everyone knows the good they can do, but get the other side of these male enhancing pills from this nurse. Treatments and outcomes are discussed.

    74. New Reasons To Avoid Mixing Juice and Medicine : If your patients take their morning medications with a glass of juice, read this article. The Well Blog examines a study that showed how grapefruit, orange, and apple juice interfered with some medications.

    75. Warning: Hippos Can Really Run Fast : This ridiculous story is used as a teaching tool for all medical professionals, including new nurses. It shows just how important it is to be thorough and upfront with your patients.

    76. Can Flomax Help You Pass A Kidney Stone? : Flomax is a drug that is often prescribed by physicians to promote the passage of a kidney stone. In this blog post, a doctor examines a study to see if it actually helps or not.

    77. First Health Warning of 2010: Anti-depressants : Among the most prescribed of all drugs, the number of Americans taking antidepressants has doubled in ten years. This doctor gives his take on it.

    78. Heath Ledger’s Autopsy : The famous actor died of various drug interactions. See how this doctor rates what was done and could have been done in this case.

    79. Opiate Overuse and Michael Jackson : This ER doctor was asked by a police officer why doctors prescribe opiates so much, especially given the recent tragedy. He shares his answer via blog post.

    80. Doctor Versus Drug Seeker : When a patient looking to score pain killers came to this doctor, it was a battle of wits. See who won and how on this amusing blog post.

Educational Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

If you are still in studies to become a nurse or in continuing studies, these blog posts can help.

    81. Passing the NCLEX : Part of your nursing education may require you to pass this exam. The nursing blogger gives tools and advice for a successful completion.

    82. Online Nursing : If an online degree is part of your nursing education, visit this blog post. It can tell you how to navigate the ups and downs and even has tips for RNs.

    83. How To Learn : Nurse Anesthetist constantly instructs students in nursing. In this blog entry, she shows how you can learn the most with the least stress.

    84. Announcement of New Baccalaureate of Nursing Program : This blogger reviews one of the newest programs in nursing. It is at Baker College and an extensive report is given.

    85. Nursing Bachelor Degree Programs : Learn why and who should receive this degree with a blog post from a nurse practitioner. Specializations, responsibilities, and more are discussed.

    86. Required Reading : Nursing students who are just entering school can get a great deal of help from this blog post. It contains what to expect, along with some practical advice.

    87. Economic Affects Towards Nursing Degree : If you’re wondering how the economy will affect your nursing career, stop here. Several students and nurses weigh in on the subject.

    88. Online Nursing Degrees Information : A nurse practitioner delves into the different types of online nursing degrees, as well as their pro’s and con’s. Types discussed include LPN to RN, RN, and APRN.

    89. By The Numbers : This nurse recounts his NCLEX experience and gives you the numbers. A good read for what to do and expect.

    90. Do you Have Fire In The Belly? : This feeling is essential not just for nurses but all healthcare professionals. Get a more in depth look from both the blogger and readers.

Miscellaneous Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Read

Because the below blog posts cannot be jammed into a single category, new nurses can read for help on a variety of issues.

    91. What If I Need an Attorney? : As a nurse, legal issues are bound to arise. Check out this blog for what to do to find an attorney even if you can’t afford one.

    92. Commentary on CPR : Get the low down on the realities and myths surrounding the topic of CPR. An expert study is used and analyzed.

    93. Do I Need to Know? : As a new nurse, you may be asked to care for someone in shackles. This nurse examines whether or not she should ask or know what the patient is doing time for. She also answers.

    94. 10 Ways for Nurses to Unwind and Veg Out : A new career in nursing stressing you out? Then read this blog post to get ten ways to relax for nurses by a nurse.

    95. Should Pediatricians Recommend Routine Circumcision? : If your new nursing career takes you to pediatrics, read this blog entry. It contains information on who should get a circumcision and why.

    96. 12 Steps to Grow Your Nurse Practitioner Practice : If you are a new nurse practitioner interested in starting or growing a practice, check out these tips. They include both common and uncommon suggestions.

    97. Insurance and One Puzzling Question : Follow this nurse practitioner as she attempts to join a popular insurance group as a provider. Details and a good moral lesson are given.

    98. MSE : Standing for Medical Screening Exam, this is the process ER’s use to determine if a patient is emergent or not. The blog entry has rules for both nurses and patients regarding them.

    99. How Do You Suppose Being Coded Feels? : An ICU nurse asks and answers this question. Innocuous intervention, oxygenation, and defibrillation are discussed.

    100 How Celebrities Should Go About Making Their Health Recommendations : Because celebrities have something to say about everything, including health, your patients may repeat it. Read this article from Slate to see how they get their facts and what is to be done about it.

    101. A Day in the Life : And finally, if you still don’t know what nursing is like, check out this blog post. It chronicles the first part of a typical shift, begins with a 300 pound patient, and goes downhill from there.

Whether you are a newly licensed nurse, looking for a more advanced degree, or have years of experience under your belt, there are still many resources to be found on the above 101 blog posts every new nurse should read. And with blogging and healthcare becoming bigger by the day, there are bound to be even more in the months and years to come.