100 Twitter Feeds for Your Daily Yoga Inspiration

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get in shape, relax, and manage stress. Anyone in the healthcare profession can tell you that stress is definitely something you could stand to have less of in your life. So, we’ve combed the Twitterverse for 100 inspiring and informative Twitter feeds to inspire your daily yoga practice. Check these out to put a little “OM” into your day.

I Left My Heart In San Francisco… SF Bay Area Yoga

  1. Bikram Yoga SF : Bikram Yoga was voted the best yoga studio by SF Weekly.
  2. Insert Point 4 Title : The Yoga Tree is one of many yoga studios based in San Francisco.
  3. Yoga Mayu : Yoga Mayu is another San Francisco yoga studio offering “intelligent, practical yoga.”
  4. Yoga Journal Events : Yoga Journal Events tweets about all the Yoga Journal events in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.
  5. Art of Yoga Project : This 501 (c)(3) non-profit in San Francisco teaches yogic arts to teen girls in prison.
  6. Urban Flow : Urban Flow is a San Francisco donation-based yoga studio.
  7. Volcano Yoga Matt : Matthew King is a yoga instructor based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Guatemala.

New York Yogis

  1. OM Yoga : OM Yoga started in 1998 in New York City.
  2. Pure Yoga NYC : Pure Yoga was named “Best Yoga” by NY Magazine in 2009 and 2010.
  3. Jivamukti Yoga Center : Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life. This feed features very inspirational tweets.
  4. Bikram Yoga NYC : The first Bikram Yoga studio in New York City.
  5. Yoga Dork : Yoga Dork is a well-known NYC yoga blogger.

Yoga From the “Austin City Limits”

  1. YogaYoga 108 : YogaYoga 108 is one of many great Austin yoga studios.
  2. YogaYoga Austin : Learn about cool events like the Radiohead flow class.
  3. Black Swan Yoga : Like San Francisco, Austin has a large number of yoga studios. Black Swan is one of the best known.
  4. Pamela Walsh : Pamela Walsh is a yoga fan and tech guru in Austin, TX.
  5. Yogi Christina : Yogi Christina is another Anusara follower, located in Austin, TX.

Well-Known Teachers

  1. Kundalini Yoga : This Twitter user has been practicing Kundalini yoga since 1976.
  2. Mr. Yoga : Mr. Yoga wants to be a role model for men who do yoga. Nice photos.
  3. Kreg Weiss Yoga : Kreg Weiss Yoga is based in Vancouver, and he’s co-founder of MyYogaOnline.
  4. Dave Kennedy : Dave Kennedy is a well-known yoga teacher and Anusara devotee.
  5. The Chopra Yoga Center : The Chopra Yoga Center teaches yoga alongside Deepak Chopra’s teachings.
  6. John Friend : John Friend, Anusara Yoga’s founder, offers mystical insight.
  7. Yoga Nation : Yoga news and opinions from Joelle Hann.
  8. Nikki Chau Yoga : Nikki Chau is a 500-hr certified yoga teacher.

Yoga News & Magazines

  1. LA Yoga Magazine : LA Yoga Magazine is all about the yoga-lover’s lifestyle and about promoting social change.
  2. Yoga Journal Magazine : Yoga Journal is the source of yoga inspiration for many.
  3. Yoga Guide : Yoga Guide’s inspirational tweets have over 12,000 followers.
  4. Flow Yoga Magazine : Get links to news and yoga updates from Flow Yoga Magazine.
  5. Yoga News : Get news from California-based Yoga News.
  6. Yoga Plus Magazine : Get yoga news and inspiration from Yoga Plus Magazine.
  7. Yoga Updates : This Twitter feed gives you a survey of news and notes from yoga spots around the web.

Yoga And Social Action

  1. Yoga Bear : Yoga Bear is a 501(c)3 non-profit bringing yoga to cancer patients.
  2. Yoga Everyone : Yoga and meditation for children, people who are ill, the elderly, and the disabled.
  3. The Green Yogi : The Green Yogi is about power yoga and practicing in an environmentally conscious way.
  4. Green Yoga : Inspiring ways to make your yoga practice more earth-friendly.
  5. Yoginos: Yoga for Youth : Yoginos: Yoga for Youth, based in Corpus Christi, TX, offers inspiration, articles and more.
  6. One Yoga : One Yoga, based in Minneapolis, is a nonprofit organization offering yoga on a sliding fee scale.
  7. Beyond Yoga : Social action and inspiration for daily living help us go beyond yoga.
  8. Street Yoga : Based in Portland, this organization fights homelessness with yoga.
  9. Virtual Yoga Ashram : This is a non-profit social media site about yoga. They have free guides, books, and podcasts.

Yoga For Kids

  1. Golden Bridge Yoga : Golden Bridge Yoga focuses on mother-child yoga classes and prenatal yoga.
  2. Radiant Heart Yoga : Tweets from a family-centered yoga studio in the Chicago area.
  3. ChildLight Yoga : ChildLight Yoga produces yoga programs for kids.

Daily Yoga Inspiration

  1. Ashley Turner : Ashley Turner tweets about the intersection of yoga and psychology.
  2. Integral Yoga : Read inspirational quotes on this feed.
  3. The Meditation : This user offers daily yoga meditations.
  4. Yoga Moves and Tips : Yoga Moves and Tips gives you just that, ideas for yoga moves and ways to do them.
  5. Atmananda Yoga : Explore the deepest parts of meditation with Atmananda Yoga.
  6. The Yoga Soul : Get inspiring yoga quotes every hour from The Yoga Soul.
  7. DownBird Yoga : DownBird Yoga has though-provoking quotes from the yoga world.
  8. Color Me Yoga : Get daily inspiration for living with Marsha Therese.
  9. Hatha Yoga : Get news and inspiration about this popular form of yoga.
  10. Daily Cup of Yoga : Daily Cup of Yoga has daily encouragement and tips for people who practice yoga.
  11. Men With Yoga Mats : Men With Yoga Mats provides inspirational quotes for men with yoga mats everywhere.
  12. Yoga In Daily Life : Applying yoga principles to daily life is possible.
  13. The Yoga Page : Inspirational quotes about yoga and about finding happiness in daily life.
  14. YahwehYoga : This person writes about Christian spirituality and yoga.
  15. Yoga to The People : Yoga to The People believes that yoga is really for everyone.

Yoga Education

  1. Bikramisms : Learn the principles of Bikram, or “hot yoga.”
  2. Yoga Peace : A British Columbia yoga studio offers yoga information.
  3. Yoga With Luc : Luc is a yoga teacher influenced by the work of Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar.
  4. Yoga Made Easy : The people at Yoga Made Easy truly want to make yoga easier for everyone.
  5. FaithHunterYoga : Read the tweets of a Washington, D.C. area yoga instructor, studio owner, and podcaster.
  6. Yoga Expert : Yoga Expert provides links to interesting articles.
  7. Pink Lotus Yoga : This Cleveland studio provides yoga news and updates.
  8. Yoga Zen Master : This Twitter feed combines Zen perspective with yoga information.
  9. Mandala Yoga : Mandala Yoga is a Bend, OR yoga studio offering class updates and inspiration.
  10. Yoga Nexus : This Twitter feed has a lot of links to good articles.
  11. Yoga Harmony : With Yoga Harmony, discover the way yoga can bring passion and harmony to your life.
  12. PrimeYoga : Lots of informative articles about yoga are on this feed.

Makers of Yoga Products

  1. Yoga Direct : This Hartford, CT store provides an online destination for yoga equipment.
  2. Barefoot Yoga : Barefoot Yoga is a maker of yoga products in Seattle.
  3. Lotuspad : Lotuspad is a well-respected maker of good yoga mats.
  4. Kulae Eco Yoga : Kulae makes eco-friendly yoga gear.

More Great Yoga Studios… In Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, and Points In Between

  1. Yoga Sanctuary : Yoga Sanctuary is the “premier destination for yoga in Las Vegas.”
  2. Bend Yoga : Bend Yoga is a yoga studio based in Bend, OR.
  3. Semperviva Yoga : Based in Vancouver and Greece, the leaders of Semperviva Yoga want to provide an escape from the everyday.
  4. PureYogaHK : Pure Yoga is a Hong Kong yoga studio that seeks to inspire its clientele.
  5. Still Yoga : This Los Angeles yoga studio wants you to “be still” in your yogic meditation.
  6. Core Power Yoga : Core Power Yoga is a Denver-area studio.
  7. Sky Yoga Studio : Sky Yoga is a Naperville, IL yoga and Zumba studio.
  8. Kim Vidya Yoga : Kim Vidya Yoga is an Ontario, Canada studio.
  9. Yoga Maia : Read news from a yoga nut and Star Wars fan in Hawaii.
  10. Moksha Yoga : Based in Toronto, the leaders of Moksha Yoga want to encourage their fellow yogis.
  11. Puma Yoga : Class updates and inspiration from Cleveland’s Puma Yoga.
  12. Wholly Yoga : Wholly Yoga is a yoga studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  13. Phyzz Yoga : In Seattle, Phyzz Yoga comes to you.
  14. Charlotte Yoga Club : With locations around the country, Yoga Clubs offer high-quality yoga practice for $5 a class.
  15. Yoga in Islington : Yoga inspiration from the UK.
  16. Yoga Shala : Yoga Shala, located in Ponce, Puerto Rico tweets in Espanol and English.
  17. Joyful Yoga : Joyful Yoga is an inspirational Chandler, AZ yoga studio.
  18. SuTRA Midtown Yoga : Explore the boundaries of modern yoga with Yoga Fusion.
  19. Thai Yoga Center : Thai Yoga Center is a yoga academy located in Plant City, FL.
  20. U Studio Yoga : U Studio Yoga provides a personalized experience in Los Angeles.
  21. YogaBalance Yoga : YogaBalance Yoga is a yoga studio in Manchester. NH.
  22. BikramMemphis le : Inspiring quotes from the “hottest” yoga studio in town.
  23. Yoga in Hawaii : Read about Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga in Honolulu.
  24. Black Dog Yoga : Black Dog Yoga is a cutting-edge yoga studio in Sherman Oaks, CA.