100 Essential Health and Nutrition Tips for Avid Runners

Although running is a solo sport, preparing for it doesn’t have to be. Avid runners, as well as beginners, can find all sorts of help for health, nutrition, and more by stopping by these 100 top tips and sites made just for runners.

Best Stretches for Avid Runners

Because stretching is essential for runners to avoid sprains, soreness, and other injuries, check out these leading stretches.

    1. Stretching for Runners: The experts at “Runner’s World” give you loads of help for preparing for that run. Get stretches for hamstring, calves, back, and more.

    2. Calf and Ankle Stretching Routine: Coach Nicole is from SparkPeople and shows you how to do this in three short minutes. Also useful for those wearing shin splints.

    3. Running Flexibility: Mark Coogan teaches you how to prevent injury and increase flexibility with sports stretches designed specifically for runners. A jump rope is used in this short clip.

    4. Lower Body Stretching Routine: This video will help you stretch your lower body without any equipment. Coach Nicole will take you through one short set of six different stretches that target your thighs, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

    5. Basketball Flexibility: Chip Schaefer, Director of Athletic Performance & Player Development for the L.A. Lakers guides you through a fitness program to keep your muscles limber. In thirteen minutes, you can stretch like the NBA players do.

    6. Body Stretching Routine: This stretching routine is done by lying on a mat. Four stretches target your lower body.

    7. Best Stretches-Running: Stay limber and prevent injury with this stretch routine. Purchase for $9.99 or preview for free.

    8. Midrun Injuries: Another guide from “Runner’s World,” it shows you the most common running issues and how to deal with them. Get information on cramps, blisters, stitches, sprains, and more.

Best Warm Ups for Avid Runners

Going into a run cold can be dangerous. Try these warm ups to get going like the pros do.

    9. Running Active Warm Up: Mark Coogan shows you one of the most vital elements and routines before a run. In eight short minutes, you will learn both upper and lower body warm ups.

    10. Yoga for Runners: Do these poses before, after, or in between runs to de-stress. Choose from Strike A Pose or 3 Pre-Run Yoga Poses.

    11. Yoga and Running: Similar to the above, this article shows you how to use yoga to stay limber for a run. Supplies and positions are also shown.

    12. Tegankamp Core Warm Up: He is the American record holder for two miles. Here he shows you how he warms up for a run in this short video.

    13. Mental Endurance Training: Because running is as much mental as it is physical, check out this article to see how to warm up your mind. These tips can also help you break barriers and run longer.

    14. General Strength Exercises: These exercises will help make you a stronger, faster, more efficient runner who is less susceptible to injury. Five videos are included.

    15. 10 Steps to Start Running: This expert has helped over 700,000 people improve their lives through books, beach retreats, running schools and individual consultations. Get his top ten tips for getting started for a run or running.

Best Exercises for Avid Runners

These exercises will show runners how to utilize all areas of their body.

    16. Running Dynamic Technique: Mark Coogan is an Olympic marathon runner. In this short video, he shows you how to get more strength and endurance.

    17. The Lebron James Workout: Ever wonder how he can sprint up and down the court for 40 minutes? Then try this challenging workout to train just like he does.

    18. Running Core Training: These exercises will help you keep your stamina going until the race is done. Upper body is also utilized for runners.

    19. Lean and Mean Leg Workout: Jillian Michaels shows you how to get legs just like hers in this two minute video. She combines several exercises for maximum results.

    20. Arm Strength-Running: Because you can only go as fast as your arms pump, check out this routine. Purchase for $9.99, or view a preview for free.

    21. Pylo Power: Use the power of jumping to get more out of your run. Jillian Michaels shows you how in a few easy to do, yet challenging exercises.

    22. Leg Exercises: Want to train like Lance Armstrong does? Then stop here for a variety of leg exercises and much more.

    23. Tips to Add Miles Safely: Bart Yasso shows you two essential tips to increase your mileage. You can also get tons of related videos to help your running.

Best Breakfasts for Avid Runners

Start your day off right by preparing one or all of these breakfasts for runners.

    24. Breakfast Smoothies: Don’t have time to make or eat a healthy breakfast? Then check out this guide from “Men’s Health” for many different smoothies such as Orangeman and Real Almond Joy to take anywhere.

    25. Breakfast Recipe Finder: This site currently has 657 recipes for runners. Choose from several types of oatmeal, toasted egg and cheese sandwich, tropical waffle, and many more.

    26. Chisel Muscle with Breakfast: Read this informative article to show you what to eat in the morning, whether you run right after or don’t. Many different and healthy options are discussed.

    27. Breakfast and Recovery Strategies: Although intended for swimmers, runners can find many tips in this article as well. A medical doctor from an expert sports clinic gives suggestions on the best choices for all athletes.

    28. Build a Better Breakfast: Like all athletes, runners need a breakfast high in nutrients and low in fat. Choose from these six healthy options including almond waffles and tuna toast.

    29. Hot Cocoa for Runners: Top off your breakfast with this easy to make recipe just for runners. It is high in anti-oxidants and low in fat and sugar.

    30. The Most Important Meal of an Athlete’s Diet: Learn all the values of breakfast along with what to eat from Active.com. Get tips for breakfast for all sorts of athletes as well.

Best Lunches and Dinners for Avid Runners

Don’t just stop at breakfast, try out these tips for runners for lunch and dinner, along with snacks.

    31. Short Order Cook: Visit the section of “Men’s Health” to get a recipe for the main course of your choice. Simply select your ingredients and go.

    32. Nutrition for Runners: Stop by here for videos on tons of meal ideas. Current ones include chicken legs with vegetables, lentils and rice, and pasta with ricotta.

    33. The Best Food For Runners: Before your next trip to the grocery store, check out these top 15 foods for avid runners. They include almonds, eggs, and many others.

    34. Lunch Recipe Finder: With currently 862 lunch recipes for runners, this finder is worth a look. Choices include a turkey roll, spinach burrito, and many more.

    35. Dinner Recipe Finder: Similar to the above, the database contains over 2,000 entries. To narrow down, select highest rated or most viewed.

    36. The Pre Race Meal: Choosing the wrong foods, eating too much or too little, or eating at the wrong time can affect your performance and possibly ruin your race. Learn how to do it right with this short guide from Active.com.

    37. Snack Smart: Stay properly fueled in between meals by checking out this free, expert guide. Get snacks for before or after a run, along with many other helpful tips.

    38. The Ultimate Runners’ Snacks: With choices like a pita, wrap, or sandwich, use these recipes for both lunch or a snack. You can also get recipes for other meals.

    39. The Daily Plate: Join the over 800,000 people who have used this nutritional tool to accomplish all sorts of goals. After joining you can search the library with over 600,000 foods and track your calories with a free diary.

Best Supplements for Avid Runners

If you need or would like to try a supplement to aid your running, try out one of these top vitamins for runners.

    40. Coenzyme Q10: This compound improves the ability of your muscle cells to convert the oxygen in your bloodstream into usable energy. A study of 20 people with chronic fatigue syndrome showed those who took 100 mg every day for three months eradicated 90 percent of their symptoms and doubled their energy levels.

    41. Guarana Seed: Theophylline and caffeine makes this a high-octane energy booster. In a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, theophylline increased time-to-exhaustion rates in healthy men pedaling hard on a bike.

    42. Vitamin D: Not only does it help strengthen bones, but it can aid in stroke prevention. This extensive article has even more information.

    43. Magnesium: This mineral is essential for over 300 bodily functions. Make sure to choose a supplement that uses magnesium citrate, the form best absorbed by your body.

    44. Vitamin B12: You can find it in lamb and salmon, but the most accessible source may be fortified cereals. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of your medications before taking.

    45. Potassium: This vitamin helps your cells use glucose for energy. It is also an electrolyte and helps aid in kidney functions.

    46. Iodine: It helps you to produce the hormones T3 and T4, both of which help control how efficiently you burn calories. Often found in salt, too much of it can also be harmful.

    47. Stemulite Fitness Formula For Men: A best seller at GNC, this supplement aids in a variety of athletic and everyday process. The combination of mitochondrial energizers and others produce mood elevation and synchronize hormonal functions.

Best Footwear for Avid Runners

Because feet are the first thing to go, runners should stop by these sites and sellers for the best choice in footwear.

    48. Identify Your Foot Type Before Choosing Running Shoes: Knowing your foot type is essential before purchasing a costly pair of shows. Lifehacker shows you how, along with many other tips.

    49. Fall 2009 Running Shoe Guide: Need a pair of new shoes, but don’t know which to get? Then check out this free guide from “Runner’s World” for the best in motion, stability, and more.

    50. Running Shoe Testing: Wondering if those $30 shoes are just as good as the $130? Then check out this video by “Consumer Reports” to get an expert, independent answer.

    51. Saucony: This is a leading footwear and running apparel provider for both men and women. Use this shoe advisor for the type, location, arch, and pronation to find the best shoe.

    52. The Adidas 1 Shoe: “Popular Mechanics” has crowned it the most technologically advanced running shoe. The components include a computer and a motor and are a marvel of microengineering.

    53. Vibram Five Fingers: One of “Time” magazine’s best inventions, these form fitting shoes are ideal for running practically barefoot. In addition to learning more about these shoes, you can also get tips on barefooting sports.

    54. Nike Free: Available for both men and women and in different styles, this shoe is similar to the above. It is designed for the runner who wants the strengthening and gait management benefits associated with barefoot training.

    55. UK Gear: Designed by the British Army Physical Training Corps., these running shoes are designed to last. Get products for men and women, and they even have a 21 day trial period.

    56. Worn Again: Want a top running shoe made from recycled materials? Then check out this British manufacturer for shoes, bags, and more.

Best Tools for Avid Runners

Runners can use these free tools for training, marathons, music, and more.

    57. Free Training Log: Visit this site to get these free expert tools for running. They include workout recording, month at a glance, weekly totals, graphs, and a routing tool.

    58. Dare to Run a Marathon: Join this free group at Livestrong to get lessons about endurance, inner strength, and perseverance. With currently over 3,000 members you can meet all sorts of people and maybe a few in your area.

    59. Men’s Health Personal Trainer: Simply enter your current weight and goals to begin using this expert tool. It contains tips on fitness and nutrition, and the first thirty days are free.

    60. Women’s Health Workouts: Grab your iPhone and this app to get everything you need to sculpt a sleek, toned body, in or out of the gym. With dozens of efficient, fat-busting workouts, it’s like having a fitness expert in your pocket.

    61. Customize Your Workout: Add the six exercises you would like in this workout to receive a free, custom print. Choose from upper, lower, core, and total.

    62. Running Calculators and Converters: Visit here to utilize five free tools just for runners. They include a calorie counter, distance and temperature converter, pace calculator, marathon timing band generator, and international shoe size conversion.

    63. Questions for Sports Performance: Mark Verstegen is the author of “Core Performance” and owner of Athletes’ Performance. Read one of the many questions and answers sent into him, or ask your very own question.

    64. Running Playlist: In a 2005 study at Brunel University, 36 runners cut an average of half a second off their 400-meter times when they listened to music in a certain tempo range. View the songs chosen, or download the entire list from iTunes.

    65. World Marathon Challenge: This challenge is for a 26.2 mile marathon. Get tons of help on the challenge, follow a professional writer as he takes it on, and even get tips for the first timer.

Best Blogs for Avid Runners

Get the best in advice from expert athletes by checking out these top running blogs.

    66. Blogs at RW: There are tons of running blogs to choose from on this site from experts on every aspect. Choose from news, ask the experts, personalities, and special interest.

    67. Athlete Blogs: “Running Times” keeps an impressive blog maintained by a team of expert runners. Get tips on running, training, races, and more.

    68. Nike Running Blog: Get the latest in running tips and products from this leading athletic supplier. There are also a ton of other tools for runners found here.

    69. Coach Jay Johnson: A running fitness expert, he often advises Nike. Visit his blogs for tips, videos, and more.

    70. Blogs WH Magazine: Amy Dixon is a fitness expert who talks about what’s new in–and out–of the gym. View her newest or best rated post, along with many other related tools.

    71. Matt Fitzgerald: This bestselling author, certified sports nutritionist, and coach gives you tips for running in his blog. With 63 posts, he shows you how to start, go from 0 to 60, along with many other tips.

    72. Jeff Galloway: He is a 1972 Olympian and bestselling author. Although there hasn’t been a new post in a while, you can still get his tips, suggestions, help, and more.

    73. Coach Jenny Hadfield: She offers training tips and tricks for runners and walkers of all levels. Her latest posts involve country roads and training races.

Best Ways to Plan a Run

Now that you’re ready to run, try out one of these top running routes. Also helpful if you want to jog on a new route.

    74. Map My Run: This site gets top listing for not only its ability to map and share runs, but for the many other tools. They include a training log, info on races, an active community, and plenty of runner’s tools.

    75. Run.com: With over 11,000 routes in the United States alone, you are sure to find a great one in your area. Other countries included are Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more.

    76. Races & Places: “Runner’s World” helps you find not only running routes, but races as well. Choose from marathons, Olympic tracks, and many more.

    77. Livestrong Loops: Whether cycling, walking, hiking, or running, visit here to view the over 20,000 loops created by members. You can also create your own and share with others.

    78. Run The Planet: With thousands of worldwide running routes and races, Run The Planet is a virtual pacesetter. Search for a route, or view their calendar and resources.

    79. Running Room Online: Visit here to get running routes specifically for Canadians. Choose your city or province, and there are many other useful tools here.

    80. Wireless Run Tracker: If you carry a GPS enabled device during your run, subscribe to this service to get a free running tracker. You can upload your stats, then go online to analyze each run.

Best Tips for Beginning Runners

Because all avid runners started here, stop by for the best in newbie running or just to get a refresher course.

    81. Getting Started: Beginning runners can find 26 articles on getting started on your way to becoming an avid runner. They include tips for running a 5k, mistakes to avoid, quick fixes, and much more.

    82. Avoid the 11 Most Common Running Mistakes: In just a few questions, you can see if your run needs some work or is just right. Excellent for the beginning runner.

    83. Marathon Training Plan: Map My Run shares this 18 week program geared for first time runners. Go from 15 miles a week to 35 with an interactive calendar, tips, and more.

    84. Nutrition for Beginning Runners: Get all the basic nutritional advice for your run with this free guide. It includes best cereals, calories, what to drink, and more.

    85. Should I Carry My Own Fluids?: A timeless question asked by beginners and avid runners. Learn the pros and cons of this practice by reading the short article.

    86. How to Stay Hydrated: Bart Yasso shows you how and why to stay hydrated for a run. He also answers what you should drink during.

    87. RunPedia: Just like Wikipedia, you can find an online encyclopedia dedicated to runners. Unlike Wikipedia, this site is written by five running experts on all sorts of running topics from beginners to ultra marathons.

    88. The Couch to 5K Running Plan: You can do this with the help of Cool Runnings. This nine week schedule has helped thousands of new runners get off the couch and onto the roads.

    89. Gym Ticket: Need to find a gym to help you in your running? Then visit here for a complete directory of over 20,000 gyms and health clubs across the country. You can also get free guest passes at participating gyms, health clubs and fitness centers.

Best Specialty Tips for Avid Runners

Stop here for the best of the rest in running tips, music, and more.

    90. Running 4 Women: Although the above are useful for both genders, stop by this site made just for women runners. It contains product reviews, a club, training tips, health, tips for beginners, and events.

    91. Running Barefoot: This site will show you how to condition yourself so you can run endless miles without any injury. Learn the benefits of this practice, along with tons of other useful information.

    92. Running in Cold or Heat: Tune your run to the season or location you are in. The guide gives tips for beating the heat, winter rules, and more.

    93. Zen in Your Den: Jennifer’s yoga exercises will put your mind at ease and allow you to rest easy. By connecting breath with movement, she guides you through yoga positions that specifically help your system simmer down.

    94. Running Plans: Visit here for marathon training plans and programs. Choose from a variety of plans from 5K to ten mile.

    95. fitMusic: Stop here for fresh and free fitness music. You can subscribe for free tunes, share in the workout music widget, or download many different songs just for athletes.

    96. Predict Race Performance: This chart was designed by Gerry Purdy and reprinted from information supplied for “Galloway’s Book on Running.” Use it to predict how far you can go without actually having to do the work.

    97. Running Green: Get tips on how to keep the environmental impact of your running low by reading this article. It has tips for recycling, nutrition, and more.

    98. Running Network: Visit here for the latest news in the world of professional running. You can also get photo galleries, product, reviews, and training tips.

    99. What Women Should Know About Running: Need a running and sexist related chuckle? Then check out this 1977 article that appeared in “Running Times” for a guaranteed laugh.

    100. Use the Bathroom Outdoors: If you run outside, this may have happened to you before. Liz Garret shows you how to do this safely and quickly in three easy steps.

Although the above contains the best in running health, nutrition, and beyond, be sure to consult a physician before beginning any of the fitness or diet suggestions recommended in these 100 essential nutrition and health tips for avid runners.