100 Best Science Sites for Kids

Science mystifies even the most educated of scientists at times. Prepare tomorrow’s generation to de-mystify science’s mysteries in the future by making learning fun. These science Web sites will teach kids physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences in no time flat. You may just have the next Einstein on your hands!

Space Science

    1. Yahoo! Kids – This colorful kids’ science site is chock full of awesome videos, like a whole series of Mars Rover vids. On top of that, kids can learn more about earth and the rest of the cosmos throughout this thorough site.
    2. The Dynamic Earth – This interactive tour of Earth spans from the depths of the tectonic plates to the mysteries of the solar system.
    3. NASA Kids’ Club – Use this NASA site to explore cosmic corridors, travel with Buzz Lightyear to space, and even dance on the moon.
    4. Kids Science News Network – This NASA site provides science news aimed at kids K-5.
    5. Kids Online Resources – This site should be bookmarked ASAP by any science-loving kid. It provides dozens and dozens of links to science news and activities, with a focus on news relating to space and NASA.
    6. For Kids – This kid-friendly NASA site offers fun games, as well as lessons about our solar system and beyond.
    7. Hands-on Universe – Check out the various astronomy activities as well as the tours of the universe on this great site. Also available are resources for teachers, space research, and more.
    8. Your Weight On Other Worlds – By entering in your weight, you can instantly see how much you’d weigh on Mars, the Moon, and anywhere else in the solar system.
    9. Science Monster – If you’d like to “unleash the beast” that is the Science Monster, check out this colorful site that offers info and tours of Earth, Mars, and the entire solar system.

Lab Experiments

    10. Kid Science – If your kid can’t get enough lab time at school, have him try these six awesome at-home experiments.
    11. Science: How the World Worksr – This colorful, well-organized site is split into categories such as Matter and Chemistry, Energy, Space, Ecology, and more.
    12. Science Fair Projects – Just like it sounds, this site helps you brainstorm, prepare, and exhibit the ultimate science fair projects. Let’s face it: the exploding volcano has become a little passé.
    13. Science With Me – This site focuses on hands-on science lessons ideal for elementary school kids as well as teachers looking for lessons.
    14. Kid’s Corner – This site links to great science experiments divided by age groups, spanning K-12.
    15. Kids’ Do-It-Yourself Science – This site provides practical experiments for kids, such as making toys from trash, crafting homemade water pumps, and even instructions on how to view sunspots.

Science Activities and Projects Sites

    16. Science Kids – With its goal of “bringing science and technology together,” this site features experiments, games, and science facts. There’s even teaching ideas for science educators.
    17. Interactive Science Crosswords – Like the name says, this site is all about science crossword puzzles that you can solve online.
    18. SciZone – This site offers tips on getting to the bottom of the cereal box, becoming a master of inertia, and other crazy experiments for kids.
    19. Weird Science Kids – While they won’t help kids conjure a perfect woman named Lisa, this brand of weird science offers demonstration videos and free at-home experiments in anatomy, biology, physics, chemistry, and more.
    20. Robots – This site features an online game where you piece together your own robot from scrap parts, and test your robot’s mettle (or is that metal) in a series of challenges.
    21. Kids’ Zone – This kid-friendly site offers a little of everything, with fun facts, words and quotes of the day, mind-bending puzzles and student polls.
    22. ScienceLab – If you’d like homework help, fun experiments, science fair ideas and lots of science news, then this is definitely your site.
    23. Fun Science Gallery – This “amateur scientist’s site” offers tips on making an herbarium, exploring the environment, recycling, and many more.
    24. Planetpals.com – This site features activities, facts, and even online shopping for things that help you help the entire planet.
    25. This is MEGA Mathematics – Explore colorful math, the notion of infinity, games with graphs and more on this colorful site.
    26. Mirror Molecules – This Smithsonian site provides fun, educational mirror learning opportunities for children ages 5 and up.
    27. Taking America’s Measure – These fun kids’ activities include word finds, word scrambles, crosswords, and other great activities.
    28. Agriculture in the Classroom – This interactive site offers tips on science projects, farm info, agricultural knowledge, and awesome virtual tours.
    29. ZOOMsci – This is a DIY science page with an interactive twist: kid readers submit their own mad experiments (ranging from chemistry, physics, engineering, and more), along with their results and the material kids will need to do their own experiment.
    30. Science and Math Around the World – This portal site links to, well, science and math around the world, from NASA developments to the proper use of an abacus.
    31. Cool Science for Curious Kids – This cute page tempts kids with tantalizing questions—such as why are snakes like lizards—and guides them into a fun learning experience.
    32. EPA Student Center – Find projects for your environmental club, fun activities, recycling tips and scholarships on this great site.
    33. Science Room – This site provides experiments to help kids learn more about the ocean, the ozone layer, and the preservation of endangered species.
    34. Wonder Whiz kids – Using Flash animations and Java applets, this site specializes in helping kids visualize the world around them. They’ll find new ways to admire everything from butterflies to blue skies.
    35. Kids and Teens – This site links to science fair resources, agricultural safety training, horticultural info for kids, and more.
    36. Kids and Teens – This Department of Agriculture site links to a variety of ag-focused activities for kids and teens, and also offers important agricultural safety tips.
    37. Walk Through Time – Phone booths and DeLoreans are passé; why not just walk through time? This site will take you on a tour throughout history, highlighting inventions, timekeeping, and much more.
    38. Science Explorer – This site is “an exploratarium-at-home book” featuring a variety of activities for kids to harness lightning, recycle cans into cameras, and many more wacky activities.

Biology for Kids Sites

    39. Mike’s Page – Now celebrating its 15th year online, Mike’s page is dedicated to the study of amphibians and reptiles, and offers plenty of pictures, notes from the field, and much more.
    40. Cells Alive! – Learn all about cell biology, microbiology, and immunology, and then enjoy the interactive lessons on mitosis, meiosis, and cell cycles.
    41. The Rudiments of Wisdom Encryclopaedia – Just pick a topic (such as medicine or music), pick a subtopic, and begin learning all about the world and the humans and animals in it.
    42. Frogs of the Australian National – This site provides info about Australian frogs as well as frogs all over the world, and provides audio examples of their unique “voices.”
    43. Infrared Zoo – Check out an assortment of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians through the world of infrared.
    44. Welcome to Human Anatomy Online – Explore a world of hundreds of animations and graphics in your exploration and understanding of the human body.

Chemistry and Physics for Kids

    45. Science for Kids – This no-frills Chemistry site offers a bevy of practical activities to illuminate why, for example, how far rubber bands stretch, why diapers are absorbent, and many more.
    46. Amusement Park Physics – After kids have had fun on the rollercoaster, direct them to this awesome site so they learn about what’s really behind those ups and downs.

Science News for Kids

    47. Natural Inquirer – This “middle school science education journal” offers a series of articles in which scientists share their information directly with middle schoolers.
    48. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century – Like the name says, this site gives you the low-down on century 20’s greatest engineering feats, from automobiles to the internet.
    49. Triumph of the Nerds – This online companion to the PBS special of the same name lets you take a nerd-riffic journey through history with tales of computer development, stats and facts on famous nerds, and more.
    50. Everyday Mysteries – These “fun science facts from the Library of Congress” provide in-depth answers to practical questions, such as “what the heck is a coconut? Fruit, nut, or seed?”
    51. Welcome to Newton BBS – Celebrating 17 years of service, this site has great sections where you can ask a scientist your questions, explore archives of previous answers, and uncover a world of educational resources.
    52. ScienceNews for Kids – This kid friendly science site features an extensive archive of past articles, not to mention games, puzzles, lab experiments, and more.
    53. EurekAlert – This site serves as a science news site for kids, with bite-sized news updates that provide links to even more info.
    54. Kids and Science – This site specializes in interaction, urging kids to send in ideas and questions as well as offering parents a chance to become sponsors.
    55. Optics for Kids – It’s all about optics with this slick site that provides learning activities to educate kids in light, lenses, lasers, and more.
    56. Science Kids – This simple site helps answer kids’ big questions, from why the sky is blue to why people don’t fall off of the planet.
    57. Sid the Science Kid – This PBS site provides kids with an interactive view of all things science, guided by your highly animated host, Sid the Science Kid.
    58. The Why Files – For those kids who just keep asking “why” comes a site providing answers for why cats eat only certain planets, how flies detect poison, and much more.
    59. Discovery Kids – You can watch kid-friendly Discovery programming, as well as play a variety of fun games on this colorful website.
    60. Bill Nye – Adapted from the classic learning TV show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, this site explains all you need to know about science, chemistry and physics in elementary terms.
    61. Learning Adventures – Why just learn when you can have an adventure doing it? This site examines Cleopatra, Salem witch trials, slavery, and much more.
    62. Ology – This American Museum of Natural History site provides colorful lessons for kids on Archaeology, Astronomy, Biodiversity, and more.
    63. Strange Matter – This site gets right to the basics, asking kids what they’d like to do: zoom inside stuff, transform stuff, improve stuff, or my favorite, crush stuff.
    64. Galleries – This Science Museum site features galleries on the making of the modern world, the development of steam power, space exploration and much more.
    65. Playing With Time – This site lets you view time-elapsed videos of locations and activities, sometimes sped up and sometimes sped down. Watch a slowed down eye blink, the growth of a Wisconsin stream over 4 months, and many more.
    66. Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? – The Science Game – Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, everyone, but this science site doesn’t play for money – just smarts. Kids can test their knowledge of science topics and win a million dollars worth a whole lotta nothing.
    67. Jokes and Science – If you’d like to be armed with a bevy of science and math-related jokes, this site has everything you need.
    68. History of the Universe – Kids can either chronologically follow this illustrated development of the universe, or skip right to their favorite part (for me, it’s always the dinosaurs).
    69. Kaboose – It’s all kids’ games all the time on this colorful site, which lets kids track animals, practice bird watching, and even patrol space.

Kid’s Science Links and Resources

    70. Weblinks – Like the name says, this is a collection of links to activities and info, from animals to engineering to innovative inventions.
    71. The Science Spot: Kid Zone – This simple site is divided into categories (such as Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physics, etc.) and offers detailed info about each aspect of that science.
    72. Science Learning Network – Check out their top 10 “cool sites” (updated monthly), get info about their international network of museums, and explore lots of cool science info from the museums themselves.
    73. Making More of the Most – This Museum of Science and Technology site provides info about the museum, upcoming events and shows, as well as educational information for children and adults alike.
    74. Children’s Corner and Medical Imaging – It’s all about kid-friendly X-ray info with this no-frills site.
    75. Welcome to the World of Agnes Pflrumm – This website is dedicated to the series of books starring Agnes Pflumm, who helps teach kids about science through crazy tales and colorful illustrations.
    76. The World’s Most Unanswered Science Project – This sleek site is dedicated to finding answers to puzzling science questions, such as what the temperature of a candle flame is, the effects of giant mirrors facing one another, and more.
    77. ExplainThatStuff! – This is a free online science and technology book that delves into how things work, from computers to aerosol cans.
    78. Science Library Adventures – It’s real simple: kids pick their grade (K-6), pick a book, and enjoy science adventures that span millennia and span the globe.
    79. Funky Lab – This site is split into videos to watch, games to play, information to learn and things to make, fun for both kids and kids at heart.
    80. Girls Reaching Out With Science – Girls Reaching Out With Science (G.R.O.W.S. for short) provides girl-centric science news, photos, an online science journal, and more.
    81. Propane On the Brain – If you’ve got propane on the brain (or would like to) explore the activities, experiments, and downright fun found on this animated website.
    82. School Science : Environmental Science Education Quiz Activities & Games – Explore, learn, and quiz yourself on Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and much more.
    83. The Black Hole Gang – This site is dedicated to the gang (4 kids and their trusty dog) and the scientastic adventures they have learning about Einstein, bats, the rainforest, and more.
    84. FT Exploring – This science site focuses on energy, with info on types of energy, energy creation, wind energy, and various other forms and applications of energy.
    85. Kids Do Science – This site features links and book suggestions for kids wishing to learn about Math, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, and Biology.
    86. Kids Only Game Time! – A cool list of science-related games for kids courtesy of NASA. Learn about the earth, the water cycle and other neat scientific brain food.
    87. Dr. Bob’s Interesting Science Stuff – Whether your kids want to read about space shuttle facts, insect chemical warfare or the death of our sun, Dr. Bob’s got you covered.
    88. Extreme Science – If you or your kids like your science to be “the biggest, the baddest, and the best,” check out this site that takes you from the heights of space to the depths of the oceans.
    89. Funology.com – This colorful, animated kids’ site has jokes, riddles, lessons, and many more cool things to explore.
    90. Questacon – Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre sponsors this site, featuring exhibit info, online lessons, and a host of entertaining pictures.
    91. Time for Kids – This site features news, activities, and interactive information for teachers and kids alike.

Environmental Science for Kids

    92. Volcano World – If you’re interested in volcanoes, this site’s for you. It’s got volcano news, pictures, FAQs, and much more info about that which goes boom.
    93. Sea and Sky – Like the name says, this site provides news and activities on everything relating to the seas and the skies.
    94. For Students and Kids – This U.S. Department of Energy site offers energy glossaries, general info, various contests and competitions and even scholarship and internship opportunities.
    95. Atmospheric Radiation Measurement – Kids can check out all aspects of climate science here, and find ways that they can spend their lives helping to save the planet.
    96. ToxMystery – This colorful, interactive site helps kids identify toxic hazards in their everyday lives.

Health and Medical Science for Kids

    97. Bam! Body and Mind – This comic-like government site offers tips on physical fitness, health, safety, disease, and more.
    98. Kids’ Corner – This site is all about helping kids “learn how loss of habitat and ecosystems can lead to a decline in biodiversity, and how the Endangered Species Act helps conserve endangered and threatened species.”
    99. Education and Outreach – This site offers kids a food pyramid, links to 4-H, resources for improving animals’ quality of life, and much more.
    100. NIEHS Kids’ Pages – This National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences site provides games, coloring books, sing-alongs, riddles, and much more.

Not only do we hope your children will learn a lot from these science Web sites, but maybe you will too. Never stop exploring!