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Featured Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

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Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - Family
Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - Women's Health
Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - Education

Georgetown University - Georgetown University offers a general Family Nurse Practitioner degree which gives students a well rounded nurse practitioner education as well as specific nurse practitioner (MSN) degrees for those who wish to specialize their education.

Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
Nurse Administrator (MSN)
Nurse Educator (MSN)
RN to MS in Nursing

Kaplan University - Kaplan University is a nationally recognized online university dedicated in helping students advance in their careers. Their MSN programs will prepare students for clinical and administrative roles within a variety of healthcare settings.

Nurse Practitioner (RN to MSN) - General
Nurse Practitioner (BSN to MSN) - Education
Nurse Practitioner (BSN to MSN) - Info.
Nurse Practitioner (BSN to MSN) - General

Walden University - Walden provides a separate track of nurse practitioner degrees for students who are RN's and those who have their BSN. All degrees are fully online and offer both flexibility in classes and affordable tuition and generous financial aid to those who qualify.

Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - General

South University - This general MSN (Nurse Practitioner) program is one of the most affordable fully online accredited degrees available. Perfect for working adults, graduates also have excellent job placement stats.

Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - Education
Nurse Practitioner (MSN & MBA) - Leader.
Nurse Practitioner (MSN) - Leadership

Grand Canyon University - One of the top online nurse practitioner schools, Grand Canyon incorporates Christian values into their education to provide nurses with a well rounded nurse practitioner training.

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Becoming a professional in the health care industry is a never-ending field of opportunity. Health care is a growing industry and is predicted by the U.S. Department of Labor to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next several years. Now you can choose a school, attend classes online and earn your degree wearing your fuzzy slippers.

Online Nurse Practitioner Degree Programs

Master's Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Women's Health

Master's Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Family Health

Master's Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Acute or Specialized Tracks

Top 6 Online Programs for Nurse Practitioning

  • 1. Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing - This school is the premier program for nurses and future nurses to obtain an education. Students can get an education from their own community by performing clinical work at local hospitals and health care offices.
  • 2. Walden University - A good option for earning your online master's degree in nursing. The school offers a $1,000 scholarship for all M.S. nursing students.
  • 3. University of Phoenix - One of the most widely known and recognized online degree programs across the nation. The University of Phoenix offers a master's degree in the science of nursing with specialized tracks for nurse practitioners and other advanced nursing practices.
  • 4. Excelsior College - This online university boasts the largest nursing degree program in the U.S. It was recognized by the National League for Nursing as a NLN Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.
  • 5. Graceland University - This school offers a combination of online and clinical classes with specialties in nurse practitioning and nurse education.
  • 6. University of Cincinnati - A master's degree in women's health nurse practitioning from a reputable college.
  • Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Degree Program

    Trying to figure out what school is best for you is tough. Then you have to consider accreditation, financial aid, housing and transportation. Attending school is practically a full time job. Weigh your options carefully and choose wisely.

    Nursing Practitioner School Accreditation

    Accredited schools allow you to take advantage of state and federal loan and scholarship programs, and give credibility to your degree.

    There are several institutions that accredit schools, but the two major associations that accredit nursing schools are the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. You can search both directories to check and see if your prospective school is accredited. You can also usually find out its accreditation status at the school's web site or by calling the admissions office.

    Nursing Practitioner School Financial Aid

    Financial aid helps people attend school year after year. Government and private loans are available for those who need financial support while attending school. Call your prospective school's financial aid office for exclusive opportunities and scholarships. Also check web sites like Fast Web for more scholarship information.

    You'll also need a FAFSA, free application for federal student aid, to apply for government assistance and even some scholarship applications. So get your tax information together and fill the online application out as soon as possible.

    Nursing Practitioner Job Markets for Graduates and Graduate Prospects

    Is there a demand for nurse practitioners? According to O*Net, from 2010 to 2020, nurse practitioners are expected to see a 20% to 28% increase in employment, which is faster than average. O*Net shows that in 2010 there were around 2,737,000 nurse practitioners employed in the U.S., and they are projecting there to be 1,207,400 job openings nationwide during this timeframe.

    Nursing Practitioner Salary and Wages - What to Expect as a Nurse Practitioner

    O*Net shows that in 2011, the median wage for nurse practitioners was $65,950 a year. Keep in mind, income will vary depending on several factors, including location, amount of experience, industry, and employer.

    Time Needed to Earn Your Nursing Practitioner Degree

    A degree in nurse practitioning can take up to six years to earn. A master's degree in nursing is needed to become a nurse practitioner. Earning a master's degree can take up to two years on top of a four year bachelor's degree. It's a long haul, but to many practicing nurse practitioners the time spent in the classroom is worth it as it leads to a fulfilling career.

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